Programming language: Java
License: MIT License
Latest version: v1.2.1

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An Android loading widget library. Lite and easy to use, strong customizability. Can be used to implement 'iOS' like loading dialog efficiently.

Similar to iOS MBProgressHUD

Keywords Progressbar, Progresswheel, HUD, Android, Loading

Minimum SDK Version: API 9 ( Android 2.3 )

Flower without text Flower with text Pie Custom

Sample APK download

Current Version

  • 1.2.1


  • gradle: compile 'cc.cloudist.acplibrary:library:1.2.1'

Sample Code

  • Flower
ACProgressFlower dialog = new ACProgressFlower.Builder(this)
                        .text("Title is here")
  • Pie
ACProgressPie dialog = new ACProgressPie.Builder(this)
  • Custom
ACProgressCustom dialog = new ACProgressCustom.Builder(this)
                        .useImages(R.drawable.p0, R.drawable.p1, R.drawable.p2, R.drawable.p3)


 3 types of dialog are avaliable now:
 Here are some general configurations:

  1. sizeRatio size of the background. The value is float and less than 1f. It means the ratio of "real size / the smaller edge length of the screen". aka:
    background length = the smaller edge length of the screen * sizeRatio

    Pay attention to the situation of "Flower type with text", it will be explained int next scetion.

  2. bgColor Color of background, int value.

  3. bgAlpha Transparency of background. 0 is full transparency, 1 is opaque. All alpha configurations are similar.

  4. bgCornerRadius Radius of four corners of the background.

bgColor, bgAlpha, bgCornerRadius are not available for custom type

  • Flower
    Most commonly used type. Support adding text title.
Configuration Description
themeColor Start color of petals.
borderPadding Distance between outer edge of petals and edge of background / length of the edge of background. (length of the edge of background is based on sizeRatio)
centerPadding Distance between inner edge of petals and center of background / length of the edge of background. (length of the edge of background is based on sizeRatio)
fadeColor End color of petals.
petalCount Number of petals.
petalAlpha Transparency of petals.
petalThickness Thickness of petals.
direction Direction of petals' rotation, ACProgressConstant.DIRECT_CLOCKWISE or DIRECT_ANTI_CLOCKWISE.
speed Speed of petals' rotation, frames count in each second.
text Text, shown under petals.
textSize Text's size.
textColor Text's color.
textAlpha Text's transparency.
textMarginTop Distance between text and petals.
isTextExpandWidth Whether expand the background width to equal the height when a text title is set. If you set a text title, the background's height will become longer because of making room for text. If this value is true, the petals are still drawn by sizeRatio, but petals will be horizontally centered as the background's width is expanded to equal the height; if this value is false, the background will be rectangle with different width and height.
  • Pie
    Suitable for display progress. Manual-update and auto-update are supported.
Configuration Description
ringColor Color of ring.
ringAlpha Transparency of ring.
ringThickness Thickness of ring.
ringBorderPadding Distance between ring and edge of background / length of the edge of background.
pieColor Color of pie.
pieAlpha Transparency of pie.
pieRingDistance Distance between ring and pie / length of the edge of background.
updateType Update type. PIE_AUTO_UPDATE or PIE_MANUAL_UPDATE. Manually update with method setPiePercentage().
speed frames count in each second with auto-update type.
pieces pieces of pie with auto-update type.
  • Custom
    like GIF, support res/drawable resources ids array or image files array as data source.
Configuration Description
useImages resources ids array.
useFiles image files array.
speed frames count in each second.


  • Try to clean the project first when you come across any problem.
  • use setCanceledOnTouchOutside(true) in version 1.2.0+ when you want to dismiss the dialog when touch outside.
  • Most of the methods in Dialog are supported.
  • We strongly suggest you to use version above 1.2.0
  • If you use version before 1.1.0 (without 1.1.0),and gradle error occured, you can add tools:ignore="label under tag application in Manifest to solve it.
  • Don not try to use useImages and useFiles at the same time, or only the last calling is avaliable.
  • Default configuration can perform well under most situations. If you really want to do customization, please tweak carefully to get best visual performance.
  • I'm not a native English speaker, there may be some grammar mistakes in this file. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.


*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the ACProgressLite README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.