ActionBarSherlock v3.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-08-14 // over 8 years ago
    • Library now uses the r6 version of the compatibility library for its base. Ice Cream Sandwich-specific implementations are currently disabled, however, but will be added in a future version of the library.

      MenuCompat, MenuItemCompat, and ActivityCompat have be added back in to ease transition to this library but all their methods and the classes themselves have been deprecated.

    • Rewritten menu and action item support from Ice Cream Sandwich.

      • Removed the need for the custom Window.FEATURE_ACTION_ITEM_TEXT flag. You should now use the showAsAction attribute and/or the setShowAsAction(int) method on each MenuItem to control whether or not text is shown
      • Action item dividers are now added automatically only when necessary to distinguish possible confusion between action items.
      • Fix: Action views now properly size themselves within the bounded space of the menu.
    • Fix: List navigation no longer becomes unusable on certain device configurations.

    • Fix: SubMenu's findItem(int) method now properly returns the support version of MenuItem.

    • Fix: Invisible sub-menu items are no longer shown on the pre-3.0 popup list.