ActionBarSherlock v4.3.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-08-14 // about 9 years ago
    • New: FEST module for testing ActionBarSherlock classes.
    • New: i18n module for including internationalized strings used by actionbar.
    • Removed dialog themes.
    • Fix: SearchView suggestions now work properly.
    • Fix: Prevent rare NPE when restoring state on pre-Honeycomb devices.
    • Fix: Correct behavior of IcsColorDrawable's setAlpha method.
    • Fix: Handle cases where Locale.ROOT is not present on pre-Honeycomb.
    • Fix: Correct tab measurement edge-case on pre-Honeycomb.
    • Use custom Toast layout to ensure consistent look and feel.
    • Fix: Prevent monkey runners from uselessly crashing.
    • Fix: Do not hold on to old menu items after a call to invalidateOptionsMenu.
    • Fix: Ensure ShareActionProvider works when only one intent is available.
    • Fix: Scroll list navigation to the selected item when opened.