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  • v1.5.10 Changes

    September 08, 2019

    Built on 22th May 2019

  • v1.4.11 Changes

    June 29, 2020
    • fix SNI issue on lower android device with Conscrypt
  • v1.4.10 Changes

    September 08, 2019
    • Fixed IP/name resolution errors #998
    • Fixed SNI compatibility
    • Upgraded library HttpClient 4.5.8 from 4.3.6
  • v1.4.9 Changes

    September 19, 2015

    Complete list of commits included is here
    List of closed issues is here

    • IMPORTANT, We've switched library from using org.apache.http to use, you have to update all your code
    • Library is from now on using upstream version of HttpClient libraries, provided by repackaging project
    • Achieved API23 Compatibility, see #830 for more info
    • Added HeadSample into sample application, to verify Head request works as it should
    • FileAsyncHttpResponseHandler now has constructor with usePoolThread param, which causes callbacks to be fired from ThreadPool instead of main looper
  • v1.4.8 Changes

    July 17, 2015

    Complete list of commits included is here
    List of closed issues is here

    • New constructor for BinaryHttpResponseHandler which takes Looper as argument (thanks to @ScottFrank)
    • SaxAsyncHttpResponseHandler can be now provided with custom charset, instead of just using default one
    • Library LogCat tags now use shorter form (forced through Lint checks), appendix "ResponseHandler" shortened to "RH"
    • Updated documentation on RequestHandle.cancel(boolean) and returning correct response according to handle state
    • SaxAsyncHttpResponseHandler onFailure(int, Header[], byte[], Throwable) used wrong fallback to onSuccess(int, Header[], T), fixed to onFailure(int, Header[], T), where T extends SAX DefaultHandler
    • Regression fix on onProgress(int,int) documentation
    • Sample application now can be built with LeakCanary, use i.e. gradle :sample:installWithLeakCanaryDebug to use it
    • Updated RequestParams documentation on handling arrays, sets and maps, along with new RequestParamsDebug sample
    • Added BlackholeHttpResponseHandler implementation, which discards all response contents and silents all various log messages (see #416)
    • Added LogInterface, it's default implementation and interface option to disable/enable logging library-wide and set logging verbosity
    • Added option to TAG RequestHandle and cancel all requests matching specified TAG through AsyncHttpClient.cancelRequestsByTAG(Object TAG)
    • Removed deprecated getTimeout() replaced by getConnectTimeout() and getResponseTimeout() respectively
    • Removed deprecated clearBasicAuth() replaced by clearCredentialsProvider()
  • v1.4.7 Changes

    May 09, 2015

    Complete list of commits included is here
    List of closed issues is here

    • Fixed crash when canceling through RequestHandle from UI Thread (NetworkOnMainThreadException)
    • Fixed URL encoding feature, that was breaking whole URL, not just path and query parts
    • FileAsyncHttpResponseHandler now checks that target file path is available or can be created
    • DataAsyncHttpResponseHandler was sending cancel notification instead of progress notification, fixed
    • Added support for HTTP PATCH requests
    • Fixed Assert exception when mkdirs in FileAsyncHttpResponseHandler tries to create dirs that already exists
    • Provided option to easily override ClientConnectionManager provision in AsyncHttpClient
    • Changed onProgress from (int,int) to (long,long) for dealing with large transfers
    • Renamed typo of preemtive to preemptive (preemptive basic auth)
    • Added option to put File array in RequestParams
    • RequestParams now support forcing Content-Type into multipart/form-data even if there are no files/streams to be multiparted
    • Gradle added support for installing to local maven repository, through gradle installArchives task
    • Added support for Json RFC5179 in JsonHttpResponseHandler
  • v1.4.6 Changes

    September 07, 2014

    Complete list of commits included is here
    List of closed issues is here

    • Fixed missing boundary when passing content-type as call param along with HttpEntity
    • Added warnings for not overriden calls in JsonHttpResponseHandler (and others)
    • RequestParams now implement Serializable, to support storing them and passing them along
    • Added option to add File part with custom file name (overriding the real file name)
    • Fixed not-escaped contents in JsonStreamEntity
    • Separated connect and response timeout settings
    • Allowed to pass Looper into *HttpResponseHandler classes
    • Fixed reporting progress on GZIP compressed down-streams
    • Added more samples (eg.,,
    • Added option to pre- and post- process data in via subclass (see
    • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException on AsyncHttpClient.cancelRequests
    • Fixed handling BOM in decoding response in TextHttpResponseHandler and JsonHttpResponseHandler
  • v1.4.5 Changes

    June 22, 2014

    Complete list of commits included is here
    List of closed issues is here

    • Support for circular and relative redirects
    • Added support for SAX parsing, see SaxAsyncHttpResponseHandler
    • Fixed Threading issue when used in Service or non-UI Thread context
    • Fixed GZIPInputStream issue when running in StrictMode
    • Removed unnecessary (ambiguous) callback methods (were deprecated in 1.4.4)
    • Added JsonStreamerEntity to allow up streaming JSON data
    • Added possibility to modify blacklisted/whitelisted exceptions (see RetryHandler)
    • Using newCachedThreadPool() as default ExecutorService in library, with option to change it via main interface
    • Added ResponseHandlerInterface to support completely custom implementations of response handlers
    • Added onProgress(int,int) callback, which is used for upstream progress logging (eg. Progressbar dialogs)
    • Fixed "division by zero" in default response handler
    • Added DataAsyncHttpResponseHandler, which has extra callback method which receives partially received data
    • Fixed problem with uploading more than 2 files (changes in SimpleMultipartEntity)
    • Fixed problem where on GarbageCollectors activity there was no callback received
    • Added warning for cases, where headers overwrite each other (between common headers and per-request headers)
    • Safely closing IO streams (both upstream and downstream)
    • Fixed PersistentCookieStore issue, where non-persistent cookies were stored and added option to delete stored cookie
    • Fixed networkOnMainThreadException when canceling requests (AsyncHttpClient#cancel(boolean))
    • Removed default User-Agent definition from library
    • Fixed handling null URLs in default interface calls
    • Allowed to subclass AsyncHttpClient and simply provide custom AsyncHttpRequest object (AsyncHttpClient#newAsyncHttpRequest)
    • Changed project structure to be default Intellij IDEA structure (eg. library/src/main/java)
    • Catching UnsupportedEncodingException default Async and Text response handlers
    • Added strict Lint checking for both Library and Sample application
    • Added example implementations in Sample application
      • Requests threading (ThreadPool usage, 6 seconds delay on response)
      • Synchronous request (from Activity and IntentService)
      • SAX Parsing the response
      • Retry request sample
      • Handling 302 redirects
      • RangeResponse (working with partially received data)
      • Basic usage of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
      • JSON response parsing
      • GZIP compressed communication
      • Binary handler (receives byte[] without parsing/converting)
      • File response handler (saving response directly into given File)
      • Self-signed CA sample (how to pin SSL certificate or add custom trust-chain for requests)
      • Persistent cookies store (persisting cookies between requests)
      • Post multi-part encoded Files (SimpleMultipartEntity)
      • Jackson JSON integration
  • v1.4.4 Changes

    October 28, 2013

    Complete list of commits included is here
    List of closed issues is here

    • Added FileAsyncHttpResponseHandler for direct saving response into File instead of device memory
    • JsonHttpResponseHandler now parsing JSON in separate thread
    • Interface method to allow/deny handling of http redirects
    • Added method to delete previously set header (
    • Not creating new Thread if call initiated outside of UI Thread (broken, fixed in 1.4.5)
    • Support for changing response Charset (default still UTF-8)
    • Allow setting maximum retries count (
    • SimpleMultipartEntity now allows repeated usage (HttpEntity.isRepeatable())
    • Added custom SSLSocketFactory to allow certificate pinning and accepting self-signed or untrusted SSL certificates
    • Callbacks to return HTTP status code and response Headers
    • Added support for unsetting Basic Auth params
    • Added support for non-standard HTTP and HTTPS ports (new constructors of AsyncHttpClient)
    • Allowed to change dynamically allowed content-types for BinaryHttpResponseHandler per-response-handler (was static previously)
    • Added support for setting proxy, optionally with authentication
      • AsyncHttpClient#setProxy(String hostname, int port, String username, String password)
    • Support for passing Maps, Sets and Lists via RequestParams
    • Properly chaining callback methods (onSuccess, onFailure, ...) in descendant order by number of function params
    • Fixed incorrect handling of URLs with spaces after redirect
      • now sanitizes spaces within URL both on-request and on-redirect
    • Added RequestHandle which can be used to cancel and/or check request status
      • Is returned for each call (.post(...), .get(...), .head(...), .put(...), etc..)
    • Added BaseJsonHttpResponseHandler to simplify integration with Jackson JSON, Gson and other JSON parsing libraries
    • Added Sample application to demonstrate functions and usage
    • Enforcing INTERNET permission
    • Support for Gradle buildscript
    • Support for Travis CI (Continuous Integration) testing
    • Dropped support for Eclipse ADT usage (obsolete)
    • Added HTTP HEAD method support
    • Releasing both AAR and JAR (+javadoc and sources) into Maven Central repository
    • Added tons of mising Javadoc for both classes and methods
  • v1.4.3

    January 30, 2013