Android-Iconics v5.0.0-a01 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-12 // 15 days ago
  • ⚠ Warning

    • ♻️ This is a big refactor of the Android-Iconics library with a large focus on simplifying the core Iconics class and moving as many of the convenient methods into extensions / out of the main class

    💥 Breaking Changes

    • 🏗 replaced builder pattern with kotlin properties
    • most convenient properties are now kotlin extension properties
    • 🚚 move all producers to producer extensions
    • ➕ add all convenient setters to the IconicsDrawableExtensions.kt
    • ⚡️ introduce new optimized apply functions which will not invalidate while updating properties
    • ♻️ refactor all code to use new properties
    • 🎉 initialization of the iconics fonts is now suggested

    Sample app

    • ⚡️ update to MaterialDrawer v8
    • ⚡️ update to FastAdapter v5
    • ⚡️ update to AboutLibraries v8