Android-Iconics v4.0.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-03 // about 1 month ago
    • ➕ Add support of auto mirroring on RTL languages

Previous changes from v4.0.1

    • introduces new Experimental DSL for the IconicsDrawable (API might still change)
    • introduce more extension functions to converters
    • 🗄 deprecate old converters, introduce proper replace rule
    • 🗄 deprecate old extension functions in IconicsDrawable class
    • ♻️ refactor code to make use of new proper extension funcions

    Font addons

    • 🆕 new Material Design Icons DX (#464)

      implementation 'com.mikepenz:material-design-icons-dx-typeface:'

    🔀 (maven central sync still pending)