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Page Curl for Android


The android-page-curl is a 2D View which simulates a page curl effect. Without OpenGL, only the android canvas has been used, so that it can be used in any version of Android!


Page Turner

The synchronizing e-reader for Android.

Page Turner is an open-source e-book reader for Android that allows you to synchronize your reading progress across devices. This means you can read a few pages on your phone and then grab your tablet and pick up on the exact spot you left off on your phone. Grab quick reading moments anywhere, anytime.

Page Turner does not use the android-page-curl out of the box, they transformed it into an animator class! It's a great reader and of course all open-source!


Have a look at the demo video.

Current State

By now it just switches between 2 images. But the idea is to render any view to animage and using two (foregound and background) images to create the effect. In some thime the flipper will inherit from ViewGroup? instead if View so that content providers and adapters will be able to add views to it.


The project is licensed under the New BSD License so you can use it in commercial projects too. If you are building something with it please send us a mail and we will add you into the showcase section.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the android-page-curl README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.