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This library is no longer maintained. It will work fine but no new issues, feature requests etc will be accepted. You can still use the source as reference to make your own custom views.

Android Wheel Menu

Example Image


First download the jar and add it to your project. The exact instructions to include the jar will depend on your specific development environment, IDE etc. You can also add wheel-menu-library as a library project and reference it directly without adding the jar.

Include wheel menu in your layout:

android:layout_height="300dp" />

Initialize the wheel menu in your activity:

wheelMenu = (WheelMenu) findViewById(R.id.wheelMenu);

//set the no of divisions in the wheel, default is 1

//set the drawable to be used as the wheel image. If you
//don't set this, you'll get a  NullPointerException.

That's it!

Now, to get the currently selected position simply call:


or, you can set a listener to monitor change events like so:

wheelMenu.setWheelChangeListener(new WheelMenu.WheelChangeListener() {
public void onSelectionChange(int selectedPosition) {
      //do your thing

wheel positions will start from 0.


This flag is set to true by default. If true, crossing into a division will cause the wheel to auto-align itself to the center of the division. Otherwise, the wheel will just hang around wherever the user left it. You can change it by calling:


Changing the top position

You can also make any arbitrary div in the wheel to be the "top" postion by calling


For instance, if you call wheelMenu.setAlternateTopDiv(6) then the sixth div will now be considered as the "top" and all calculations from that point on will reflect this. This can be useful in situations such as when you want the bottom div or right div of the wheel to be the selected position.

A caveat with this is that you have to call this method after the call to setDivCount(int) . If you call it before, then your new top position will be ignored and the top will still be 0.


Check out the sample application to see it in action!


Contributions welcome via Github pull requests.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. Please refer the License.txt file.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Android Wheel Menu README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.