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Changelog History

  • v2.4.1 Changes

    April 23, 2019
    • 🔀 Latest non-SVG fixes and enhancements from squared were partially merged
  • v2.3.3 Changes

    January 08, 2019
    • 👌 Support for CSS Grid
    • SVG shapes can perform matrix functions translate, skew, rotate, and scale
    • Dataset uses "include" instead of "ext" to include extensions
    • 🔧 Float supports more randomly distributed configurations
    • 👍 Flexbox supports setting different widths and heights
    • 👌 Support for more CSS size units relative to DPI and font size
    • Public API completely revised to use shorter method names
    • Most controller code has been converted into extensions
  • v2.2.1 Changes

    November 06, 2018
    • Extension percent for single column positioned elements
    • 👍 Gradients support color stops using VectorDrawable
    • 👍 SVG path support linear and radial gradients
    • 👍 SVG "use" tag supported with clipPath
    • 👍 Settings was revised to support localizing and customizing each element
    • 🗄 Android API and deprecations using targetAPI are filtered from API 14
    • 👍 SVG "image" tag support using layer lists
  • v2.1.2 Changes

    October 27, 2018
    • SVG: path line rect polyline polygon circle ellipse - basic shape rendering
    • Widget extensions were separated into individual modules
    • 👍 CSS background supports linear and radial gradients
    • Extensions can be loaded asynchronously without using registerExtension
    • Firefox compatibility
    • 👌 Support for using CSS Sprite images in backgrounds
  • v2.0.0 Changes

    October 10, 2018
    • Multiple frameworks (e.g. android) can be loaded using external JavaScript modules
    • Reusable classes and methods were grouped into androme.lib namespace
    • Terser used for minifying rather than babel-minify
    • Safari and Edge compatibility
  • v1.10.1 Changes

    September 29, 2018
    • 👍 Extensions support using more than one per element
    • 👍 Extensions support being repositioned during inline wrap optimizations
    • ⚡️ Images can be preloaded to optimize auto-sizing width and height
    • Horizontal alignment uses same block and inline technique as HTML
    • Box model was revised to be the same as HTML to improve accuracy
    • Elements can be rendered using a different element using renderAs
    • Constraint percent widths are integrated with vertical float alignments
    • Traversing nodes converted to be in the same order as HTML
    • Float and clear enhancements without layering
    • 👍 RTL support for new layout scheme
    • Floating overlap can be disabled as a setting
    • 💅 Borders support groove, ridge, and double styles
    • 👍 Positioned tiling background images are supported
  • v1.9.0 Changes

    August 14, 2018
    • Extension "custom" adds any control to document flow or external file
    • Exclude specific procedures and resources with "data-exclude-procedure" or "data-exclude-resource" inside HTML tag
    • Filename can be specified with "data-filename" inside HTML tag
    • Convenience method "ext" for extensions
    • 👍 Flexbox column-reverse wrap-reverse supported
    • Dataset "target" can be used on any element to relocate into another container
    • 💅 Styles are filtered for common attributes when sharing the same parent
    • 👍 Basic support for using dir="rtl" inside HTML tags
    • 🔀 Includes and merge layouts can be created inline inside HTML document
    • 👍 Element support for CSS attribute column-count
    • 👍 Multiline support for plain text and inline elements
    • Floating was completely revised to use FrameLayout
    • 👍 Basic support for using clear with floats
  • v1.8.0 Changes

    July 11, 2018
    • 👌 Support for Chrome / Safari / Firefox / Edge
    • Extension interface publicly extendable
    • 👍 Android support library widgets as extensions
    • More flexbox techniques
    • 📜 parseDocument chain method "then" for layouts which use IMG tags