This repo contains all the Open-source Libraries from iOS, Android, Flutter and React-Native.

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Awesome Mobile Libraries - Simform LLC.

Awesome Mobile Libraries

iOS Android Flutter React Native

This repo contains all the Open-source Libraries from iOS, Android, Flutter and React-Native.



An awesome collection of iOS related packages and examples.


Swift Developments - A complete guide for Swift.

  • SSSpinnerButton - SSSpinnerButton is an elegant button with a different spinner animations.
  • SSCustomTabbar - Simple Animated tabbar with native control.
  • SSMetalImageFilter - Simple Image Filter control.
  • SSAppUpdater - SSAppUpdater is an open-source framework that compares the current version of the app with the store version and returns the essential details of it like app URL, new app version number, new release note, etc. So you can either redirect or notify the user to update their app.
  • SSMultiSwipeCellKit - SSMultiSwipeCellKit provides feature for UITableView to select multiple cell at once with beautiful sliding animations.
  • NewsApp-RIBs - News app with Listview and Pageview using uber's RIB Architecture.
  • SSSwiftyGo - SSSwiftyGo is written in Swift to help you to navigate in SwiftUI Views using only one line of code.
  • SSMediaLibrary - SSMediaLibrary is written in Swift with the use of Combine framework.
  • SSFloatingLabelTextField - SSFloatingLabelTextField is a small library for iOS which supports Floating labels and errors with different kind of validations. Also user can add/customise own validation and error messages.
  • SSCustomPullToRefresh - SSCustomPullToRefresh is an open-source library that uses UIKit to add an animation to the pull to refresh view in a UITableView and UICollectionView.
  • SSNaturalLanguage - The SSNaturalLanguage framework let you provide a variety of natural language processing functionality with support for many different languages and scripts. Use SSNaturalLanguage framework to segment natural language text into paragraphs, sentences or words and tag information about those segments such as part of speech, lexical class, lemma, script and language.
  • Game-With-AR - Simple AR Game.
  • tesseract-OCR-iOS-demo - This prototype is to recognize text inside the image and for that it uses Tesseract OCR. The underlying Tesseract engine will process the picture and return anything that it believes is text.
  • PhoneNumberKit - Swift 5.0 framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber.
  • Fitness-App-ARKit - Fitness App build with ARKit.
  • SSNeumorphicKit - SSNeumorphicView is to build a Neumorphism view, button, and text filed in iOS.
  • SSCustomSideMenu - A Highly customizable SideMenu.
  • Workouts-TV-app - A TV Workout App.
  • SSGoogleLogin - The GoogleSigninReusabelComponets for iOS is the easiest way to get data from Google.
  • SSFacebookLogin - The Reusable Facebook Login Components for iOS is the easiest way to get data from Facebook.
  • SSPlaceHolderTableView - This is simple, customized and easy state wise PlaceHolder for TableView and CollectionView.
  • SSCalendarControl - SSCalendarControl is small and highly customizable calendar control written in swift.
  • SSTwitterLogin - The reusable Twitter login components for iOS is the easiest way to get data from Twitter.
  • SSCircularSlider - A simple and powerful circular ring slider, written in swift and fully customizable.
  • SSProgressBar - SSProgressBar is an elegant progressbar with many customization options.
  • ARKit2.0-Prototype - Apple’s introduction of ARKit 2, we have been consistently working behind to create shared-AR experiences.
  • MVVMListDemo - A simple MVVM list.
  • CreateFirebaseDynamicLinks - The FireBaseDynamicLinkReuabelClass provide the sharing data between both ios and android plateforms.
  • CMPedometerDemo - Let's count steps using CMPedometer.
  • SSCustomTabMenu - Simple customizable iOS bottom menu works like Tabbar, in Swift.
  • ios-commons - It Contains GoogleAnalytics/Firebase, Answers, Localytics, Social Media login, Reachability, Device permission Manage and learn state of Photo library, Camera etc.


SwiftUI Developments - A complete guide for SwiftUI.

  • SwiftUI-Combine-MVVM - Simple Demo for SwiftUI+Combine in MVVM.
  • SSSwiftUIGIFView - SSSwiftUIGIFView is a custom controller which helps to load GIF in SwiftUI.
  • SSSwiftUISpinnerButton - SSSwiftUISpinnerButton is an open-source library in SwiftUI to add different spinning animation to button.
  • SSSwiftUIVideoLayerView - SSSwiftUIVideoPlayerLayer is a custom controller which helps to load video in SwiftUI.
  • SSSwiftUILoader - A customisable, simple and elegant loader in SwiftUI.
  • SSSwiftUIVideoPlayerLayer - SSSwiftUIVideoPlayerLayer is a player which helps to load video in SwiftUI.
  • SSToastMessage - SSToastMessage is written in SwiftUI. It will add toast, alert, and floating message view over the top of any view. It is intended to be simple, lightweight, and easy to use. It will be a popup with a single line of code.


Objective-C Developments - A complete guide for Objective-C.

  • SSLinkedIn - LinkedinSwift is a project for managing native LinkedIn SDK using CocoaPods.
  • iOS-BarcodeScan - Barcode scanning is general feature which require in most of the application so here is the simple barcode scanning code with just 2-3 steps.
  • VonageVideoChatIOS - This repository is an example project of how to integrate Callkit into Vonage iOS SDK. Integrated with WhatsApp type picture-in-picture UI.


An awesome collection of watchOS related packages and examples.

  • SSLineChart - For the apple watch, SSLineChart draws a UIImage of a chart with given values and provide additional functionality of gradient color fill.


An awesome collection of Android related packages and examples.


Kotlin - A complete guide for Kotlin.

  • SSCustomBottomNavigation - SSCustomBottomNavigation is a customizable bottom bar library with curved animations and Jetpack Navigation support.
  • SSffmpegVideoOperation - SSffmpegVideoOperation is a FFmpeg compiled library for Android. It provides ease to execute FFmpeg commands in your Android app.
  • SSCustomEditTextOutlineBorder - SSCustomEditTextOutLineBorder is a small kotlin library for android to support outlined (stroked) text in EditText widgets same as Material Design Outlined Box but without floating label.
  • SSArcSeekBar - SSArcSeekBar includes different type of arc seekbar. Easy to use and configure your own seekbar using all the attributes.
  • SSSceneFormSdkSample - This is a Augmented Reality Android app which is made by using ARcore and Sceneform SDK.
  • SSPullToRefresh - SSPullToRefresh makes PullRefresh easy to use, you can provide your own custom animations or set simple gifs on refresh view. The best feature is Lottie animations in refresh view, it uses lottie animations to render high quality animations on pull refresh.
  • SSExpandableRecyclerView - SSExpandableRecyclerview make it easy to integrate nested recyclerview. Just extend BaseRecyclerAdapter and good to go.
  • SSImagePicker - Easy to use and configurable library to Pick an image from the Gallery or Capture image using Camera with crop, rotate and zoom feature.
  • SSCustomCameraControl - Custom camera filter can capture image from camera and also pick image from gallery. After capturing image user can add filters from filter library. Custom camera filter has 15 filters. User can save image after applying filters.
  • SSBiometricsAuthentication - This applications is sample for Biometrics Authentication in Android using Biometrics API. With the launch of Android 10 (API level 29), developers can now use the Biometric API, part of the AndroidX Biometric Library, for all their on-device user authentication needs.
  • Kotlin-multiplatform-sample - Kotlin Multiplatform allows you to share your business logic on multiple platforms like android, iOS and native desktop applications and as a result reducing the amount of time required for development.
  • SSAndroidNeumorphicKit - SSNeumorphicKit is to build Neumorphism design UI in Android.
  • VonageVideoCalling_Android - This applications is provide one to one video calls with using Vonage Video API Android SDK
  • Kotlin-Extensions - Small library that contains common extensions for Android/Kotlin.


Jetpack Compose - A complete guide for modern toolkit for building native UI.

  • SSComposeCookBook - A Collection of major Jetpack compose UI components which are commonly used. This library includes all major components for the project development.
  • SSJetPackComposeProgressButton - SSJetPackComposeProgressButton is an elegant button with a different loading animations which makes your app attractive.
  • SSJetpackComposeSwipeableView - SSJetpackComposeSwipeableView is a small library which provides support for the swipeable views. You can use this in your lazyColumns or can add a simple view which contains swipe to edit/delete functionality.
  • SSComposeOTPPinView - A custom OTP view to enter a code usually used in authentication. It includes different types of OTPViews which is easy to use and configure your own view and character of OTP using all the attributes.
  • Jetpack-compose-sample - This repository is to get started with new Jetpack Compose Toolkit for Android. By using Jetpack Compose you no need to build your UI with XML files. Build your UI directly by writing composable functions.


An awesome collection of Flutter related packages and examples.

  • Showcase view - A Flutter package allows you to Showcase/Highlight your widgets step by step.
  • Calendar view - A Flutter package allows you to easily implement all calendar UI and calendar event functionality.
  • Credit card - A Flutter package allows you to easily implement the Credit card's UI easily with the Card detection.
  • Chat view - A Flutter package that allows you to integrate Chat View with highly customization options.
  • Audio waveforms - Use this package to generate waveforms while recording audio in any file formats supported by given encoders or from audio files. You can use gestures to scroll through the waveforms or seek to any position while playing audio and also style waveforms.
  • Battleship game - A Flutter project of 2 player battleship game developed with Flame engine.

React Native

An awesome collection of React-Native related packages.

Contributing and License

  • Distributed under the MIT license. See [LICENSE](./LICENSE) for more information.

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