butterknife v10.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-12 // 3 months ago
    • New: Support incremental annotation processing.
    • Fix: Detect generated superclass bindings across compilation units.
    • Fix: Avoid deprecated APIs from the Android Gradle plugin. As a result, the new minimum supported version of the Android Gradle plugin is 3.3.

Previous changes from v10.1.0

    • New: Listeners which require return values (e.g., long click) can now be bound to methods returning void. The default value of true will be returned in this case.
    • New: Add support for @OnTextChanged and @OnPageChange to reflection backend.
    • Remove enforcement of required views in the reflection backend. Most @Nullable annotations do not have runtime retention so they can't be checked at runtime with reflection. Instead of forcing everyone to find a new annotation, this enforcement is now dropped. While this might lead to nulls in otherwise required view bindings, they'll either be unused or quickly cause a NullPointerException.