cardslib v1.9.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-08-29 // almost 6 years ago

    LIB: Added a method to expand and collpase the card in programmatic way (doc)

    LIB: Added a callback at the start of the expansion/collapsing animation (doc)

    LIB: Added the ability to expand and collapse the card with a longClick (doc)

    LIB: Added a method to add dinamically Sections to a SectionedCardAdapter (doc)

    LIB: Added a feature to restrict card swipe direction (doc)

    ⚡️ LIB-EXTRA: Updated the drap and drop list. Now you can drag over the card (doc)

    ⚡️ LIB-EXTRA: Updated ListViewAnimations dependency to 3.1.0

    💥 It contains a little BREAKING CHANGE on the mListView.setOnItemMovedListener. listener (doc)

    DEMO: Added an example to expand/collapse action in programmatic way

    🚀 DEMO-EXTRA: Updated all dependencies to last releases