Dagger 2 v2.23 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-05-28 // 8 months ago
    • Validation/strictness
      • Generated components are no longer public unless the component type is public (298dea8)
      • @BindsInstance annotations are now more strictly validated (d3ed46d)
    • 🐎 Build performance
      • Generated code is no longer formatted by default. Use -Adagger.formatGeneratedSource=enabled to turn it on. (fcd069c)
      • General build performance improvements (7e374b5)
    • Android
      • Added dagger.android.HasAndroidInjector, which will soon replace the Has*Injector interfaces. This one interfaces coalesces the others and should be functionally equivalent. (8f01526)
    • Full Binding Graph Validation
      • Rename -Adagger.moduleBindingValidation to -Adagger.fullBindingGraphValidation. The old name continues to work as an alias. (add5a74)
      • Do full binding graph validation for components and subcomponents, not just modules. (15d20f8)
    • 🐛 Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where @BindsInstance on a Builder setter method's parameter caused a failure in codegen if the parameter had a different name than the method itself (#1464). (8051d28)