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  • v4.0.5 Changes

    July 17, 2017

    🚚 1. Move the GeneratedDatabaseHolder off the last round, warnings should be gone! ⚡️ 2. Update Kotlin to 1.1.3-2 ⚡️ 3. update Gradle plugin to 2.3.3 (3.0.0-beta currently breaks robolectric unit testing)

    1. Some new extensions
    2. add Property.allProperty(MyTable.class) so you can easily specify MyTable.* in a query.
    3. Some optimizations on generated code including removing some redundant null checking. ⚡️ 7. Fix issue where DatabaseStatement in update were not closed when used in a ModelAdapter.saveAll() method. 📦 8. Fix package private ModelView that duplicated field definitions in generated _ViewTable class.
    4. RXJava2: Change Single to Maybe for nullable returns.