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An Android Studio / IntelliJ plug-in help you upload your apk or listing to Google Play.


  • Open Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA
  • Open [Preferences] -> [Plugins] -> [Browse repositories], search DroidLane to install and restart


Apk upload

  • Go to Google Play [Settings] -> [API access] -> [Create OAuth Client] and keep your [CLIENT ID] and [CLIENT SECRET]
  • Go to your project root dir create .droidlane/[profile_name]/data.json with content:

    "client_id": "[CLIENT ID]",
    "package": "[PACKAGE NAME]",
    "apk": "[APK PATH]",
    "track": "['alpha', 'beta' or 'production'](optional)"
  • Run DroidLane command in [Build] -> [DroidLane] -> [Upload Apk]

  • Select track if not define in data.json

  • Set [CLIENT SECRET] and encrypt with password

  • OAuth permission accept in browser

After first-time setup, you only need click button and key-in password to upload apk.

Recent Change Text support

Create the recent change file with content in flowing directory

  └── .droidlane
      └── [profile_name]
          ├── data.json
          └── recentChange
              ├── en_US
              ├── zh_TW
              │   ...
              └── (other language)
Multiple profile support

You can also add multiple profile in flowing format.

  └── .droidlane
      ├── [profile_name1]
      │   └── data.json
      └── [profile_name2]
          └── data.json
Multiple apk support

You can also add multiple apk in one profile to upload at the same time. Just chane the data.json from JSONObject to JSONArray.(Notice it will share the Recent Change Text)

      "client_id": "[CLIENT ID1]",
      "package": "[PACKAGE NAME1]",
      "apk": "[APK PATH1]",
      "track": "[TRACK1](optional)"
      "client_id": "[CLIENT ID2]",
      "package": "[PACKAGE NAME2]",
      "apk": "[APK PATH2]",
      "track": "[TRACK2](optional)"

Listing upload

  • Create necessary folder and correspond language file with content: └── .droidlane └── [profile_name] ├── fullDesc │ ├── en_US │ └── (other language) ├── shortDesc │ ├── en_US │ └── (other language) ├── title │ ├── en_US │ └── (other language) └── video ├── en_US └── (other language)
  • Run DroidLane command in [Build] -> [DroidLane] -> [Upload Listing]


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/Jintin/DroidLane.


The module is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the DroidLane README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.