This gradle plugin will add a different ribbon to each of your (debuggable) Android app variants. You can of course configure it as you will, overlay your own images, ...

Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Plugin     Gradle     Launcher Icon    
Latest version: v1.3.1

Easylauncher gradle plugin for Android alternatives and similar packages

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Easylauncher gradle plugin for Android

Modify the launcher icon of each of your app-variants using simple gradle rules. Add ribbons of any color, overlay your own images, change the colors of the icon, ...

[](icons/ic_launcher_debug.png) [](icons/ic_launcher_staging.png) [](icons/ic_launcher_variant.png) [](icons/ic_launcher_beta.png)

[](icons/ic_launcher_grayscale.png) [](icons/customColorRibbonTopRight.png) [](icons/customColorRibbonTop.png) [](icons/customColorRibbonBottom.png)


Basic usage

// in build.gradle
buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.akaita.android:easylauncher:1.3.1'
// in app/build.gradle
apply plugin: 'com.akaita.android.easylauncher'

Adaptive launcher icons (Android 8.0+)

Additionally to the set up from Basic usage, you need to tell the plugin what the name of the foreground layer is:

// in app/build.gradle
easylauncher {
    foregroundIconNames "@mipmap/ic_launcher_foreground" // Foreground of adaptive launcher icon

Warning: please not that easylauncher doesn't yet support vector drawables. Please feel free to contribute a PR solving the issue https://github.com/akaita/easylauncher-gradle-plugin/issues/9

Advanced usage

You can customize the filters applied to each type, flavor and variant of your app.

Imagin these are the type and flavors of your app:

// in app/build.gradle
android {
    buildTypes {
        debug {
            //Debuggable, will get a default ribbon in the launcher icon
        beta {
            //Debuggable, will get a default ribbon in the launcher icon
            debuggable true
        canary {
            //Non-debuggable, will not get any default ribbon
            debuggable false
        release {
            //Non-debuggable, will not get any default ribbon
    productFlavors {
        local {}
        qa {}
        staging {}
        production {}

You could customize the plugin's behaviour like this:

easylauncher {
    // "manifest application[android:icon]" is automatically added to the list
    iconNames "@mipmap/ic_launcher_foreground" // Traditional launcher icon
    foregroundIconNames "@mipmap/ic_launcher_foreground" // Foreground of adaptive launcher icon

    defaultFlavorNaming = true // Use flavor name for default ribbon, instead of the type name

    productFlavors {
        local {}
        qa {
            // Add one more filter to all `qa` variants
            filters = redRibbonFilter()
        staging {}
        production {}

    buildTypes {
        beta {
            // Add two more filters to all `beta` variants
            filters = [
                    overlayFilter(new File("example-custom/launcherOverlay/beta.png"))
        canary {
            // Remove ALL filters to `canary` variants
            enable false
        release {}

    variants {
        productionDebug {
            // OVERRIDE all previous filters defined for `productionDebug` variant
            filters = orangeRibbonFilter("custom")

Available filters

Grayscale filter

Command Result
grayscaleFilter() [](icons/grayscale.png)

Overlay filter

Command Result
overlayFilter(new File("example-custom/launcherOverlay/beta.png")) [](icons/overlay.png)

Ribbon filters

Filter Command Result
Gray ribbon grayRibbonFilter() [](icons/grayRibbon.png)
Green ribbon greenRibbonFilter() [](icons/greenRibbon.png)
Yellow ribbon yellowRibbonFilter() [](icons/yellowRibbon.png)
Orange ribbon orangeRibbonFilter() [](icons/orangeRibbon.png)
Red ribbon redRibbonFilter() [](icons/redRibbon.png)
Blue ribbon blueRibbonFilter() [](icons/blueRibbon.png)

Advanced Ribbon filter

Description Command Result
Custom background color customColorRibbonFilter("#6600CC") [](icons/customColorRibbon.png)
Custom label customColorRibbonFilter("label", "#DCDCDC") [](icons/customColorRibbon2.png)
Custom text color customColorRibbonFilter("label", "#DCDCDC", "#000000") [](icons/customColorRibbon3.png)
Custom gravity - Top customColorRibbonFilter("custom", "#556600CC", "#FFFFFF", "top") [](icons/customColorRibbonTop.png)
Custom gravity - Bottom customColorRibbonFilter("custom", "#556600CC", "#FFFFFF", "bottom") [](icons/customColorRibbonBottom.png)
Custom gravity - TopLeft customColorRibbonFilter("custom", "#556600CC", "#FFFFFF", "topLeft") [](icons/customColorRibbonTopLeft.png)
Custom gravity - TopRight customColorRibbonFilter("custom", "#556600CC", "#FFFFFF", "topRight") [](icons/customColorRibbonTopRight.png)
Custom text size (relative to the icon size) customColorRibbonFilter("custom", "#556600CC", "#FFFFFF", "bottom", 0.2) [](icons/customColorRibbonBottomSize.png)

Available options

  • iconNames: list of icons to modify (already includes "manifest application[android:icon]")
  • foregroundIconNames: list of adaptive icons to modify
  • defaultFlavorNaming: use flavor name in default ribbons, instead of using buildType
  • enable: enable/disable all filters for a flavor/type/variant
  • productFlavors: define filters for flavors (will be added to filters defined for types)
  • buildTypes: define filters for types (will be added to filter defined for flavors)
  • variants: define filters for variants (will override any other filters)

Project Structure

plugin/          - Gradle plugin
example-simple/  - Example Android application using easylauncher with the default behaviour
example-custom/  - Example Android application using easylauncher with the custom configuration
buildSrc/        - Helper module to use this plugin in example modules
icons/           - Examples of icons generated by this plugin


You can already see my plans for the plugin in the project's Issues section.

Still, I'm open to feature-requests and suggestions.
Of course, a PR is the best way to get something you want into the plugin ;)


Easylauncher started as an extension of Fuji Goro's ribbonizer plugin. As it evolved, I decided it changed enough to be worth releasing as a separate plugin.