gradle-play-publisher v2.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-08 // 10 days ago
  • 🚀 This release transitions GPP into a new publishing model. Previously, every task would create an edit against the Play Store and then commit that edit at the end of the task. In the new model, one build == one commit per app package, meaning one edit will be used across tasks for the same app package. This makes each publishing build an atomic operation: if anything fails, everything is reset and put back into a clean state. See #629 for full details.

    Note: Gradle 5.6.1 and AGP 3.5.0 are the new minimum dependency versions.

    Artifact retention

    🚀 GPP v2.4 supports retaining the main and patch OBB files. GPP can also retain releases if, for example, you want to retain your WearOS artifact. See the docs for more details.

    🛠 In-app products bug fixes/improvements - #690

    • You can now create a completely new product with GPP (previously, it had to first be created in the Play Console)
    • Prices are now auto expanded into different currencies so you don't have to explicitly specify them all
    • 👍 Bootstrapping more than 100 products is now supported

    Other changes

    • 🏗 You can now publish and promote artifacts within the same build - #643
    • Listing upload tasks now run in parallel - #628
    • 🛠 An incompatibility with bundles in AGP 3.6 was fixed - #633
    • 🛠 An incompatibility with Gradle 6.0 was fixed - #688
    • 🔀 Cascading play config merge bugs were fixed - #642
    • 🛠 --artifact-dir inconsistencies have been fixed: all relative paths now start from the root project directory - #691
    • 👌 Support for uploading multiple internal sharing APKs is now available - #691