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  • v2.6.1 Changes

    November 20, 2019

    πŸ›  Fixed an issue where promoting a release with R8/Proguard enabled would fail.

  • v2.6.0 Changes

    November 16, 2019

    This release of GPP requires at least Gradle 6.0.

    πŸ› Bug Fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed an incompatibility with Gradle 6.0
    • πŸ›  Fixed numerous bugs related to incremental play resource generation and listing publication
    • πŸ”Š Clarified some ambitious logs and warnings
  • v2.5.0

    October 30, 2019
  • v2.4.2 Changes

    September 27, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fix another AGP 3.6 incompatibility - #696, #711
    • πŸ›  Fix regression causing build failure on unproguarded builds - #711
    • πŸ›  Fix not all hidden files being ignored - #703
  • v2.4.1 Changes

    September 10, 2019

    πŸ›  Fixed an incompatibility with the Android Gradle Plugin v3.5.x - #693

  • v2.4.0 Changes

    September 08, 2019

    πŸš€ This release transitions GPP into a new publishing model. Previously, every task would create an edit against the Play Store and then commit that edit at the end of the task. In the new model, one build == one commit per app package, meaning one edit will be used across tasks for the same app package. This makes each publishing build an atomic operation: if anything fails, everything is reset and put back into a clean state. See #629 for full details.

    Note: Gradle 5.6.1 and AGP 3.5.0 are the new minimum dependency versions.

    Artifact retention

    πŸš€ GPP v2.4 supports retaining the main and patch OBB files. GPP can also retain releases if, for example, you want to retain your WearOS artifact. See the docs for more details.

    πŸ›  In-app products bug fixes/improvements - #690

    • You can now create a completely new product with GPP (previously, it had to first be created in the Play Console)
    • Prices are now auto expanded into different currencies so you don't have to explicitly specify them all
    • πŸ‘ Bootstrapping more than 100 products is now supported

    Other changes

    • πŸ— You can now publish and promote artifacts within the same build - #643
    • Listing upload tasks now run in parallel - #628
    • πŸ›  An incompatibility with bundles in AGP 3.6 was fixed - #633
    • πŸ›  An incompatibility with Gradle 6.0 was fixed - #688
    • πŸ”€ Cascading play config merge bugs were fixed - #642
    • πŸ›  --artifact-dir inconsistencies have been fixed: all relative paths now start from the root project directory - #691
    • πŸ‘Œ Support for uploading multiple internal sharing APKs is now available - #691
  • v2.3.0 Changes

    July 13, 2019

    πŸ’… The theme of this release is polish, polish everywhere. 🌈

    Required dependencies - #564

    This release of GPP enforces modern tooling. That means you'll need Gradle 5.4 and the Android Gradle Plugin 3.5.0 at a minimum. These dependency requirements were needed in order to use the new APIs that enable GPP v2.3.0's improvements.

    Notable changes

    🐎 Massive performance improvements - #573

    🐎 GPP now uses Gradle's Worker API in all applicable tasks. Depending on how many variants your project has and what you're uploading, you'll see fairly significant performance gains.

    🌲 Revamped logging

    πŸ— On top of error message and task description improvements, GPP now logs the current status of every publishing task being run. This makes validating the correctness of your build much easier. Here's a sample log from running ./gradlew publish:

    Click to expand/collapse πŸš€ > Task :app:publishReleaseListing Uploading app details Uploading en-US listing Uploading fr-FR listing Committing changes

    πŸš€ > Task :app:publishReleaseBundle Starting App Bundle upload App Bundle upload complete Starting mapping file upload Mapping file upload complete πŸš€ Updating [completed] release (com.supercilex.test:[380135]) in track 'internal' Committing changes

    πŸ‘Œ Support for uploading Internal Sharing artifacts - #576

    πŸ‘ Google announced support for Internal Sharing artifacts which GPP now supports. Simply run ./gradlew uploadPrivateArtifact and copy the link outputted in the console.

    CLI options cleanup - #568, #567, #588

    0️⃣ Previously, all CLI options from every task were available to all other tasks. This made things very confusing when, say, ./gradlew publishApk --default-to-app-bundles was valid. Now, every task has a tailored set of CLI options that are directly applicable to the task in question. As usual, you can find out what a task's CLI options are by running ./gradlew help --task [task]

    πŸš€ Furthermore, the promote task now has an --update [track] option which is equivalent to --from-track [track] --track [track]; the --skip-commit CLI option has been renamed to --no-commit, following common naming conventions; and a --release-name option was added to change a release's name in the Play Console.

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    Bootstrap task
    • A new line is now added to the end of text files - #566
    • The task name has been simplified from bootstrap[Variant]PlayResources to bootstrap[Variant] - #569
      • The old name will be removed in v3.0
    • The play src directory is now wiped out to guarantee a clean slate - #575
    • Screenshot order from the Play Store is now properly respected - #575
    • πŸ— If running the bootstrap and publishListing task in the same build, the tasks will now execute in the correct order - #575
    • πŸ›  App Bundle uploading broke in AGP 3.6 alpha 2β€”it's now fixed - #581
    • Universal APKs are now uploaded again - #595
    • The promote task now always selects the highest version code available if no from-track is specified instead of picking something non-deterministic from the API response - #571
    • 🚚 Local listing validation has been removed in favor of the Publishing API's validation - #601
    • πŸ›  Fixed tons of incremental processing bugs
  • v2.2.1 Changes

    May 09, 2019

    Credential validation changes

    πŸš€ Credential validation has been a point of contention for GPP. In this release, we're striving to make it as simple and developer-friendly as possible. The new validation is as follows: any variant that is enabled (this is the default) must specify a serviceAccountCredentials or else inherit them from the default play configuration. Any variant that is disabled does not need to specify any credentials.

    πŸ”§ These checks will always occur at configuration time when the android variant is added. This strikes a good balance between the flexibility to disable GPP at any time without worrying about credentials, and the guarantees around clear error messages and no silent failures when you're actually trying to publish something.

    πŸ‘€ See #555 for details.

    πŸ›  Other bug fixes

    • πŸ”§ Configuration properties weren't always merged correctly - #555
    • ⚑️ BuildConfig values weren't updated when outputProcessor made modifications (this still isn't quite fixed, see #553 (comment)) - #554
    • App was built even with artifact dir specified - #557
    • Mapping files in the artifact dir weren't being uploaded - #558
    • πŸ”€ Various bugs with language merges - #561
  • v2.2.0 Changes

    April 05, 2019

    πŸš€ This release addresses feature requests and reported bugs.

    πŸ†• New features

    • πŸ‘Œ Support disabling GPP (docs) - #528
    • πŸ‘Œ Support uploading pre-built artifacts (docs) - #538
    • πŸ‘Œ Support proving Play Console artifact release names (docs) - #539

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸš€ If no release notes were present when promoting a release, they weren't always retrieved from your local machine - #506
    • outputProcessor didn't run if the artifacts already had valid version codes - #537
    • ⏱ Permanently fix timeout issues by making the timeout infinite - #540
    • πŸ”€ Screenshots were incorrectly merged across languages - #541
  • v2.1.1 Changes

    March 28, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fixed broken app bundle uploading - #526
    • πŸš€ An error is now logged if a debuggable release build is detected - #500