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An android HighlightTextEditor一款语法高亮控件。qq群:537960195。




abap4.lang        clojure.lang      innosetup.lang    nxc.lang          s.lang
abc.lang          clp.lang          interlis.lang     oberon.lang       sas.lang
abnf.lang         cobol.lang        io.lang           objc.lang         scala.lang
actionscript.lang coldfusion.lang   jasmin.lang       ocaml.lang        scilab.lang
ada.lang          conf.lang         java.lang         octave.lang       scss.lang
agda.lang         crk.lang          js.lang           oorexx.lang       sh.lang
algol.lang        csharp.lang       jsp.lang          os.lang           small.lang
ampl.lang         css.lang          ldif.lang         oz.lang           smalltalk.lang
amtrix.lang       d.lang            less.lang         paradox.lang      sml.lang
applescript.lang  dart.lang         lhs.lang          pas.lang          snmp.lang
arc.lang          diff.lang         lilypond.lang     pdf.lang          snobol.lang
arm.lang          dylan.lang        limbo.lang        perl.lang         spec.lang
as400cl.lang      ebnf.lang         lindenscript.lang php.lang          spn.lang
ascend.lang       eiffel.lang       lisp.lang         pike.lang         sql.lang
asp.lang          erlang.lang       logtalk.lang      pl1.lang          squirrel.lang
aspect.lang       euphoria.lang     lotos.lang        plperl.lang       styl.lang
assembler.lang    express.lang      lotus.lang        plpython.lang     swift.lang
ats.lang          fame.lang         lua.lang          pltcl.lang        sybase.lang
autohotkey.lang   felix.lang        luban.lang        pov.lang          tcl.lang
autoit.lang       fortran77.lang    make.lang         pro.lang          tcsh.lang
avenue.lang       fortran90.lang    maple.lang        progress.lang     tex.lang
awk.lang          frink.lang        matlab.lang       ps.lang           ts.lang
bat.lang          fsharp.lang       maya.lang         ps1.lang          tsql.lang
bbcode.lang       fx.lang           mercury.lang      psl.lang          ttcn3.lang
bcpl.lang         gambas.lang       miranda.lang      pure.lang         txt.lang
bibtex.lang       gdb.lang          mod2.lang         pyrex.lang        upc.lang
biferno.lang      go.lang           mod3.lang         python.lang       vala.lang
bison.lang        graphviz.lang     modelica.lang     q.lang            vb.lang
blitzbasic.lang   haskell.lang      moon.lang         qmake.lang        verilog.lang
bms.lang          haxe.lang         ms.lang           qml.lang          vhd.lang
bnf.lang          hcl.lang          mssql.lang        qu.lang           xml.lang
boo.lang          html.lang         mxml.lang         r.lang            xpp.lang
c.lang            httpd.lang        n3.lang           rebol.lang        yaiff.lang
ceylon.lang       icon.lang         nasal.lang        rexx.lang         yang.lang
charmm.lang       idl.lang          nbc.lang          rnc.lang          znn.lang
chill.lang        idlang.lang       nemerle.lang      rpg.lang
clean.lang        inc_luatex.lang   netrexx.lang      rpl.lang
clearbasic.lang   informix.lang     nice.lang         rs.lang
clipper.lang      ini.lang          nsis.lang         ruby.lang


acid.theme              darkspectrum.theme      fruit.theme             pablo.theme
aiseered.theme          denim.theme             golden.theme            peaksea.theme
andes.theme             dusk.theme              greenlcd.theme          print.theme
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darkness.theme          fine_blue.theme         orion.theme
darkslategray.theme     freya.theme             oxygenated.theme


asciidoc_html_add_links.lua        cpp_ref_wxwidgets_org.lua          outhtml_curly_brackets_matcher.lua
bash_functions.lua                 cpp_syslog.lua                     outhtml_keyword_matcher.lua
bash_ref_linuxmanpages_com.lua     cpp_wx.lua                         outhtml_parantheses_matcher.lua
cpp_qt.lua                         ctags_html_tooltips.lua            perl_ref_perl_org.lua
cpp_ref_cplusplus_com.lua          java_library.lua                   python_ref_python_org.lua
cpp_ref_gtk_gnome_org.lua          keywords_capitalize.lua            scala_ref_scala_lang_org.lua
cpp_ref_local_includes.lua         keywords_lowercase.lua             theme_invert.lua
cpp_ref_qtproject_org.lua          keywords_uppercase.lua             token_add_state_ids.lua   


  • 代码编辑界面


  • a199ea2 - (HEAD, origin/master, master) 图片宽度修改 (evilbinary)
  • 046d56e - 高亮基本版本完成 (evilbinary)
  • 3bfce62 - 修复0,0位置文字获取不全问题 (evilbinary)
  • d51e13a - 增加语法解析后端 (evilbinary)
  • d6acd76 - 修改大小 (evilbinary)
  • a1d48bb - modify pic (evilbinary)
  • 65cbc6a - 修改图片大小 (evilbinary)
  • f90e1d5 - 代码截图 (evilbinary)
  • 43b466e - 增加显示行数 (evilbinary)
  • 7a766af - 移动文件,重新定义 (evilbinary)
  • 62c7078 - 增加css外部加载样式功能 (evilbinary)
  • d48d344 - 去除标题显示 (evilbinary)
  • 3a6a782 - 增加解析支持 (evilbinary)
  • b198bdd - modify readme (evilbinary)
  • ef7d5c6 - Create README.md (evilbinary)
  • 95f3a12 - first version (evilbinary)


  • 代码渲染基本功能。 [完成]
  • 支持200多种语言。 [完成]
  • 支持82种配色主题。 [完成]
  • 支持lua扩展语法高亮检测。 [基本完成]
  • 若干bug修复。
  • 主题语言更换功能。
  • 字体大小样式功能。
  • 表情功能。(待定)






Copyright 2016 evilbinary

/* Copyright (C) 2015 evilbinary. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/. */

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the HighlightTextEditor README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.