HockeyApp v4.1.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-06-23 // over 4 years ago
    • [FIX] Fix a resource leak in Sender #235.
    • [FIX] Fix pissibility to bypass authentication #236.
    • [FIX] Fix the progressbar when sending feedback #237.
    • [FIX] Fix potential OOM crash by limiting the number of form fields in a request #238.
    • 💻 [FIX] Fix the dates in the Feedback UI #239.
    • [FIX] Fix ConcurrentModificationException in metrics feature #242.
    • [FIX] Fix potential crash related to multi-threading in Channel #248.
    • 💻 [FIX] Fix the focus in the Feedback UI, this also improves accessibility #249.
    • [IMPROVEMENT] When debugging, the SDK uses smaller batch sizes and timing intervals until metrics are sent to make debugging easier #231.
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Fix some strict mode violations #241.
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve accessibility for Feedback attachments #251.
      *[IMPROVEMENT] Send batched events when the app goes into background.