Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: App    
Latest version: v2.0

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JianShi 简诗

A Full-Stack mobile app, including Android side & Server side, Simple-Poem 简诗. You can write poem in graceful & traditional Chinese style. It supports signup & login, data sync with server, offline data storage, screenshot share etc.

一款优雅的中国风Android App,包括Android端和Server端,支持登录注册,数据云端同步,离线数据存储和截屏分享等功能。


下载地址: Fir.im

Technology JianShi used

Android side

Jianshi depends on the most popular Android libraries to build Stable and Clean structure.

  • Database: DBFlow to manage sqlite database;
  • Network: OkHttp3 & Retrofit2, and Stetho to debug http requests;
  • Rx: RxJava & RxAndroid;
  • Dependency Inject: Dagger2;
  • Logging: Timber;
  • Image loading: Picasso;
  • Crash monitor: Crashlytics;
  • other: Eventbus.

Thanks Square for their great libraries.

Server side

Jianshi depends on Python & Flask.

The server architecture is:

  • www layer: used to receive all http request, process parameters, and call logic layer api for furthure process;
  • logic layer: used to process heavy service logic, when there are database actions, it will call db layer;
  • db layer: used to wrap our database related actions.

Android UI

Chinese Blog for jianshi



We build Android & Server together for JianShi. wingjay, RayPan.

Development History

I use my extra time for this project development, so the development process doesn't go very fast.

  • [2016/11/06] Configure aliyun cloud server; Deploy application by jenkins; Setup Nginx & gunicorn; Finish unit-test for signup & data sync logic
  • [2016/10/30] Design for signup & login; Screenshot for share; Other cool features
  • [2016/10/25] Data sync between android and server; Improve server error handling function & config mechanism. [Server+Android]
  • [2016/09/03] User managment in server side and Signup & Login flow in Android side. [Server+Android]
  • [2016/08/25] Migrate from LeanCloud to Apache + Mysql + wsgi + Flask and build my own server framework. [Server]
  • [2016/08/20] Build server side framework. Using LeanCloud & Python. [Server]
  • [2016/08/18] Integrate Dagger Retrofit2 OkHttp3 RxJava etc. [Android]

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