Kripton is a java library, for Android and Java platform, that provides a simple and uniform way to manage persistence of Java classes in different flavours through annotations and interface. Supported persistence format are:

- on file system - on SQLite database (with content provider generation) - on Shared Preferences - on REST service (with retrofit integration)

To get max performance and avoid boilerplate-code, Kripton use annotation processor. With the power of annotation processor is possible to create code to persist a java class, simply with an annotation. There are many other libraries that do this, but Kripton allows to persists java object without using reflection and with just few lines of code.

See wiki for more informations.

See benchmarks for more informations about JSON persistence perfomance.

If you are interested in Kripton Persistence Library, visit abubusoft.com

Programming language: Java
Tags: Sqlite     ORM     JSON     SharedPreferences     REST     Content Provider     Yaml     Xml    

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