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  • v28.04.2016

    • onPause and onDestroy were separated
    • View does not became dropped on Fragment's onPause
    • Presenters become dropped on View detachment, Fragment and Activity destruction if the owning activity does not have isChangingConfigurations() flag set to true.
  • v11.07.2016

    • Now activities and fragments drop presenters during onPause instead of onDestroy.
  • v09.06.2015

    • 🚀 Jar library release of core library to provide sources in IntelliJ IDEA. Support libraries are still in aar format because of scary compilation warnings. :D
  • v08.04.2016

    • 🚀 Service release to eliminate some version confusion on maven central.
  • v07.05.2015

    • An ability to instantiate presenters with custom PresenterFactory, this allows to put arguments into a presenter's constructor or to make an instance-specific dependency injection.
    • NucleusAppCompatActivity
    • 📦 @RequiresPresenter has been moved to nucleus.factory package.
  • v05.09.2015

    • RxPresenter became completely usable without getView().
    • OperatorSemaphore replaced with standard RxJava operators.
    • 🚚 Internal structure is simplified even more: removed manager and helper.
    • ✅ All tests became unit tests and are testable without device.
  • v03.04.2015

    • Separate PresenterHelper class for easier View class creation.