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This repositores aims to show examples about material design in a real app, the application is a client of the webpage OpenLibra a spanish web to download open source books.

An example of how implement an adapter using Palette to tint each cell in a RecyclerView.

This example is implemented with a RecyclerView a GridLayoutManager and an Adapter the adapter loads colors obtained from the Palette library of each cell to draw a View with the colors.

Building my own choreography with SharedElements

Implemented a detail activity working with shared elements and animations, setting the order of each animation that composes the choreograpy, you can follow the material desing principle 'Motion provides meaning', 'All action takes place in a single environment. Objects are presented to the user without breaking the continuity of experience even as they transform and reorganize'

Setting a RecyclerView insets and made translucent the Toolbar

Set the RecyclerView insets, to show a little gap between columns and rows, and made the Toolbar translucent, as the last Field Trip app update, reaching a pretty effect.