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  • TextSecure

    9.7 9.5 L2 C
    TextSecure is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends.
  • HomeMirror

    9.6 1.3 L3 Java
    Android application powering the mirror in my house
  • wechat

    9.5 0.6 L1 Java
    A High Copy WeChat ,SNS APP (高仿微信)
  • InstaMaterial

    9.4 0.0 L5 Java
    Implementation of Instagram with Material Design (originally based on Emmanuel Pacamalan's concept)
  • UltimateAndroidReference

    9.4 8.4 Java
    🚀 Ultimate Android Reference - Your Road to Become a Better Android Developer
  • FlyRefresh

    8.7 0.0 L5 Java
    The Android implementation of Replace, designed by Zee Youn. I implement this as a FlyRefresh layout. The content of the layout can be any view, such as a ListView, RecyclerView, ScrollView, etc.
  • WordPress-Android

    8.5 10.0 L2 Java
    WordPress for Android
  • Telecine

    8.2 3.4 L4 Java
    Record full-resolution video on your Android devices.
  • AmazeFileManager

    8.1 9.6 L1 Java
    Amaze File Manager source code
  • ForkHub

    7.9 6.5 JavaScript
    Fork of the GitHub Android App
  • jianshi

    7.8 3.6 L4 Java
    A beautiful app 简诗 for recording anything in your life with traditional Chinese style.
  • Lightning Browser

    7.8 9.4 L1 Java
    A speedy, lightweight browser with modern navigation.
  • uhabits

    7.8 8.8 L3 Java
    Android app that helps you create and maintain good habits
  • Twidere-Android

    7.7 9.5 L2 Java
    Twidere is a powerful twitter client for Android 1.6+ 1 , which gives you a full Holo experience and nearly full Twitter's feature.
  • Bandhook-Kotlin

    7.3 5.6 Kotlin
    A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language
  • 2048-android

    7.2 3.5 L3 Java
    The android port of the 2048 game (for offline playing)
  • keepassdroid

    7.1 7.9 L2 Java
    a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager app.
  • droidplanner

    6.9 3.4 L3 Java
    Ground Control Station for Android Devices
  • mkloader

    6.6 5.5 Java
    Beautiful and smooth custom loading views
  • MaterialAudiobookPlayer

    6.4 9.5 Kotlin
    Audiobook Player for Android
  • Bourbon

    6.4 0.4 L5 Java
    An MVP Dribbble client for Android Mobile, Tablet, Wear and TV.
  • FeedEx

    6.1 2.4 L2 Java
    FeedEx News Reader is a light and modern Android feed reader, based on Sparse rss.
  • DMPlayer

    5.9 0.9 L2 Java
    DMPLayer is an Android music player prototype
  • clean-status-bar

    5.9 0.0 L4 Java
    Tidy up your Android status bar before taking screenshots for the Play Store

    5.7 6.1 HTML
    Source to
  • News-Android-App

    5.7 7.9 L4 Java
    ownCloud News Reader - Android App
  • Leisure

    5.3 3.0 L4 Java
    Leisure is an Android App containing Zhihu Daily,Guokr Scientific,XinhuaNet News and Douban Books
  • MaterialUp

    5.3 0.0 L4 Java
    MaterialUp Android App
  • seadroid

    4.9 7.2 L2 Java
    Android client for Seafile
  • WaniKani-for-Android

    4.8 6.9 L3 Java
    An Android client application for the awesome kanji learning website