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  • Floating Navigation View

    6.1 2.1 Java
    A simple Floating Action Button that shows an anchored Navigation View
  • EasyFlipView

    5.5 7.2 L5 Java
    A quick and easy flip view through which you can create views with two sides like credit cards, poker cards etc.
  • CounterFab

    4.5 4.0 L5 Java
    A FloatingActionButton subclass that shows a counter badge on right top corner
  • HoldingButton

    4.4 4.1 L4 Java
    Button which is visible while user holds it. Main use case is controlling audio recording state (like in Telegram, Viber, VK).
  • MultiLineRadioGroup

    0.8 5.3 L5 Java
    Multi Line Radio Group is a Radio Group layout to show radio buttons in more than one line.
  • Rx.Widgets

    0.7 0.0 L4 Java
    Materially inspired widgets and views that expose RxJava bindings.