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  • SmartRefreshLayout

    9.6 9.6 Java
    SmartRefreshLayout extended the thoughts of SwipeRefreshLayout,using a ViewGroup to include a list of Views, to maintain its low coupling and high versatility
  • Guice

    9.5 3.6 L1 Java
    Guice (pronounced 'juice') is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 6 and above, brought to you by Google.
  • UltimateAndroidReference

    9.3 8.6 Java
    🚀 Ultimate Android Reference - Your Road to Become a Better Android Developer
  • Tiger

    7.4 0.0 L1 Java
    The fastest java dependency injection framework
  • FabulousFilter

    7.0 7.1 Java
    Android library to animate Floating Action Button to Bottom Sheet Dialog and vice-versa
  • Rich Path Animator

    6.6 6.2 Java
    animation, vector-drawable, vector, SVG
  • mkloader

    6.5 6.7 Java
    Beautiful and smooth custom loading views
  • ThirtyInch

    6.1 8.9 L4 Java
    a MVP library for Android

    5.6 4.9 HTML
    Source to
  • EasyFlipView

    5.3 5.1 L5 Java
    A quick and easy flip view through which you can create views with two sides like credit cards, poker cards etc.
  • Dachshund Tab Layout

    4.6 4.6 L5 Java
    Extended Android tab layout with animated indicators that have continuous feedback.
  • SmoothRefreshLayout

    4.3 9.1 Java
    A highly efficient refresh library for Android . In theory , Can support all Views.一个高效的Android刷新库,理论上支持所有的视图,比官方的SwipeRefreshLayout更强大且使用方便.
  • HoldingButton

    4.2 5.1 L4 Java
    Button which is visible while user holds it. Main use case is controlling audio recording state (like in Telegram, Viber, VK).
  • AppIconNameChanger

    3.6 2.8 Java
    Change Android launcher App Icon and App Name programmatically !
  • Endoscope

    3.5 6.1 L5 Java
    Endoscope lets you to stream live video between android devices over Wi-Fi! 📱📲
  • TextFieldBoxes

    3.3 8.7 Java
    New Material Design text field that comes in a box, based on Google Material Design guidelines.
  • Flick Launcher

    2.9 7.0 L1 Java
    Pixel Launcher for everyone!
  • OffsetAnimator

    2.8 4.9 Java
    Engage users into your animation.
  • ParticlesDrawable

    2.2 8.4 Java
    Customizable Android Particles Drawable and View
  • Downloader Demo using RxJava

    1.9 4.8 L4 Java
    Demo of Downloading Songs/Images through Android Download Manager using RxJava2
  • Literally Toast

    1.9 6.3 Kotlin
    🍞 A toast library for Android.
  • Nitrite Database

    1.7 7.0 Java
    Android embedded nosql document store
  • TinglingSquares

    1.6 3.0 L4 Java
    ⏳ A delightful Progress animation that you'll fall in ❤️️ with, very easily.
  • DiscrollView 2

    1.4 2.7 Java
    Android Library for fancy layouts
  • Language_Time

    1.1 6.3 Java
    A library that converts Time to its equivalent basic local Nigeria languages (Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo)
  • EasyCrypt

    0.8 6.7 Kotlin
    Android cryptography library with SecureRandom patches.
  • API Calling Flow

    0.8 6.9 Java
    Android library which can help you to simplify handling different conditions while calling an API (Web Service) in Android.
  • CoolToast

    0.7 1.8 Java
    A really simple library that help you to display a custom toast with many colors (for : success, warning, danger, info, dark, light, primary...etc ), or with rounded corners, or event with image.
  • Froggy

    0.7 2.3 L5 Java
    Simple Mvp Implementation
  • DataFragment

    0.5 3.9 Java
    Easy retained fragment handling for data and longrunning tasks related to activty lifecycle