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  • Conversations

    9.1 9.3 L1 Java
    Conversations is an open source XMPP (formally known as Jabber) client for Android 4.0+ smart phones.
  • Smack

    8.7 8.9 L2 Java
    An Open Source XMPP Client Library written in Java for JVMs and Android
  • Xabber

    8.5 9.7 L2 Java
    Open source Jabber (XMPP) client with multi-account support, clean and simple interface. Being both free (as in freedom!) and ad-free, Xabber is designed to be the best Jabber client for Android.
  • androidpn

    7.6 0.0 L1 Java
    An open source project to provide push notification support for Android -- a xmpp based notification server and a client tool kit.
  • yaxim

    6.0 6.5 L1 Java
    YAXIM - Yet Another XMPP Instant Messenger, a jabber client for android
  • Android-Paho-Mqtt-Service

    4.0 0.0 L5 Java
    A simple MQTT Service that will keep running for the duration of your Android application using the Paho Java MQTT Client.