Pandora v2.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-13 // about 4 years ago
    1. 移除OKHttpURLConnection库,不再支持对使用Android自带网络库的日志拦截;


    🔌 1. 新增 gradle-plugin 插件,可将pandora-interceptor自动注入到所有OkHttp对象中;


    🚚 1. Remove OKHttpURLConnection, No longer supports log interception for Android's own network library.

    since 2.1.0, Pandora is independent of the specific version of OkHttp

    🔌 1. Add gradle-plugin , it can inject pandora-interceptor into okhttp automatically.

    In the past, we need to manually invoke 'addInterceptor(pandora.get ().getinterceptor ())' , and can't intercept network requests in third-party libraries.

Previous changes from v2.0.6

  • 2019-10-08