An Android library that provides a simple implementation of a DialogFragment.

Are you tired of creating a new DialogFragment for each Dialog that you want to display?

The current recommended way of displaying Dialogs in an Android application involves the creation of a subclass of a DialogFragment (official documentation can be found here). Creating a new DialogFragment subclass for each Dialog we need to display in an application is tedious and we all know that an application often contains a lot of these dialogs. This leads to lots of DialogFragment classes that provide no value to the project. What if we could eliminate those?

This library is a simple implementation of a DialogFragment that allows you to specify the content of the Dialog, while still using the recommended DialogFragment and all its lifecycle benefits.

Example of use :

SimpleDialogFragment.newInstance( SimpleDialogContent.builder() .setTitle("My Title") .setMessage("My Dialog Message") .build()) .show(this.getSupportFragmentManager(), SimpleDialogFragment.TAG);

Code Quality Rank: L5
Programming language: Java
Tags: Dialog Widget     Dialog    

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