Stetho v1.5.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-03-18 // over 4 years ago
  • 2019-03-17

    • Fix view inspection crash on Android P+ View highlighting was using a legacy pre-O API which was removed in P that caused a crash when highlighting a view in the Elements tab. This has now been fixed (#607) and the Elements tab is expected to work normally again.

    • Fix #325/295: Add ability to track windows in Elements tab (dialog, popups, etc)

    • Fix #614: Add the ability to manually control Runtime class object tracking (for J2V8 integration)

    • Fix #612/613: Fix issue subclassing Runtime class and other devtools domain modules

    • Fix #602: Make it possible to change welcome banner (see Page class constructor)

    • Fix #600: Actually make .remove() method work properly in DefaultDumperPluginsBuilder

    • Fix #596: Sort SharedPreferences entries

    • Fix #623: dumpapp now supports ADB_SERVER_SOCKET variable

    • Fix #589: Fix parsing issue using dumpapp script causing failure to connect

    • Fix #529: WebSocket session info now displayed correctly on upgrade

    • Fix #541/580: Avoid crash when installing the Stetho interceptor in the wrong okhttp chain (the request chain lacks a connection instance)

Previous changes from v1.5.0

  • 2017_04_13

    • Generic socket support Added the ability to inspect arbitrary sockets via Chrome devtools' WebSocket APIs. This support is integrated into stetho-sample as a demo, and in future releases we'd like to make it available generically for at least okhttp customers.

    • Major Elements tab extensibility points Significant expansion to AndroidDocumentProviderFactory which allows for a much greater degree of customization, including the ability to have editable styles. Over time we'd like to incorporate this support into native Android UI but also to make it even easier to unlock powerful new customizations for custom view or entire rendering systems.

    • Fix #392: Fix database id mapping for multiple database providers

    • Fix #521: Fix hit testing for empty view groups

    • Fix #513: Fix LeakCanary false positive

    • Fix #514: Handle runtime exceptions from database drivers

    • Fix #511: Remove accidental hard dependency on support library

    • Fix #406: Fix stetho-rhino importClass/Package not working properly

    • Fix #499: Treat HttpURLConnection headers as case insensitive

    • Fix #512: Fix severe stdin issue in dumpapp script

    • Fix #486: Fix TextViewDescriptor NPE when text is null