Explore a new logcat. This guide covers all keys for queries, how to manage query history, formatting options, and how to set up multiple logcat windows.
In this article, We will explore the creation of Theme use Colors, Typography, and Shapes in Jetpack Compose.
In this article, we will explore the possibilities of a Text composable function and how we can apply multiple styles to text with the AnnotatedString.
Many accessibility features are integrated into Android, and others can be installed and used via apps. We will explore how to change them via UI or ADB commands. This article contains information about an ADB commands for changing accessibility setting that allows us to interact with devices and test applications more efficiently:
- Display size
- Font size
- Magnification
- Color correction
Jetpack Compose provides a declarative way of building the UI of the Android app. Layouts are an essential component for creating UI, and Jetpack Compose already supports a few of them.

This article will explore available layouts in Jetpack Compose combined with modifiers, alignments, and arrangements that help to build the UI of Android apps.
The Android Debug Bridge is better known as ADB. It is a command-line utility, included in Android SDK, which allows us to interact with an Android device or emulator over a USB connection, allowing files to be transferred, installing applications, changing permissions of applications, taking screenshots, and much more.

This article contains information about a few ADB commands that allow us to interact with devices and test applications more efficiently.
Almost all Android applications require interacting with Android Runtime Permission. In the "UI testing of Android Runtime Permissions" article you can find:
- Different approaches of interaction with runtime permissions
- How to clean permissions before each test case
- Practical examples of testing permissions
LiveData is one of the most popular components of the Android Jetpack family. Right now, many modern Android applications use LiveData in the "UI" and sometimes in "Data" layers. This article demonstrates how the LiveData component works internally.