WaniKani-for-Android v1.0.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-09-21 // over 5 years ago
    • ➕ Add level progress details (Remaining items for the current level, for now.)
    • ➕ Add an option to disable custom fonts
    • ➕ Add SRS indicators in lists (Radicals, Kanji, Vocabulary)
    • 🛠 Fix HW Acceleration and Ignore Button messages being shown in every session
    • 🛠 Fix an issue in reviews when using Kindle's Japanese IME (credits @s84606)
    • ⬇️ Drop support for pre ICS (4.0) devices
    • Bring touch animations and native Material theme to devices running Android L
    • 🛠 Few other minor fixes/improvements