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Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
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Latest version: v4.0.11

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Todo Agenda - Calendar and Task widgets for Android

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Todo Agenda is home screen widgets for your Android device. Each widget has its own settings and displays configured list of calendar events and tasks so that you can easily have a glimpse at your due, current and upcoming appointments.

[Calendar Widget Screenshots](assets/screenshots/widget-collage.png)


  • No advertising. Free and Open Source.
  • Displays events from your calendars and task lists for the selected periods in the past and in the future.
  • Automatically updates when you add/delete/modify an event. Or you may update the list instantly.
  • Select only the calendars and task lists that you want to see in the widget.
  • Create several widgets, if you need. Each widget has its own settings, including layouts, colors, filters, selected calendars and task lists.
  • Customize background colors and transparency of different widget parts, black and white shading for texts.
  • Scroll through the list of events. Use "Go to Today" button to return to today instantly.
  • Customize the text size of the widget.
  • Fully resizable widget with alternative layouts.
  • Indicators for alerts and recurring events.
  • Lock time zone when travelling to different time zones.
  • Turn off Widget header, Day headers, event icons, Days from today, etc. and see only what you need.
  • Hide duplicated events.
  • Backup and restore settings, cloning widgets on the same or different devices.
  • Android 7+ supported. Supports Android tablets.

Note on Tasks support: As there is no unified way to access tasks created in different applications, each application needs its own implementation. Currently supported:


Want to contribute to the project? Start by translating the widget to another language or update existing translation at Translation project at Crowdin and be a part of the next release. :)

We are developing this application in public to bring you a tool that you want to use. Please feel free to open issues and provide pull requests. To get timely feedback we are also providing Beta versions, see Beta testing of ToDo Agenda.

App development is fun. And it's even more fun, when you have automated testing set up to show you how your code performs. ToDo Agenda has such automated tests, allowing not only to replay event timelines, shared by users and thus figure out problems and understand wishes. We can even see all the replayed timelines on an Android device (or an emulator), as this tests execution recording shows. Create a widget with a name ending with "Test replay" and Tests will start showing in this widget. Source code of these tests is in the repository also.


Troubleshooting after update

Due to Android design, widgets may misbehave or even may not work at all after an update. In this case, try the below:

  1. Restart your device.

If the problem is still present:

  1. Uninstall old version of the "ToDo Agenda" app.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Install the new app version.
  4. Recreate your widgets.

In a case the widget doesn't work properly even after this, please search, read and follow up on similar issues here.

2020-03-01 v4.0.8 Three powerful date format preferences.

  • This version is for Android 7+ only. Versions for older devices are still available e.g. here.
  • Created "Date format preference dialog" allowing to select date format from several options (including hiding date completely) or define your own custom date format for use in a Widget header, Day header or an Event entry. Custom format allows any date patterns, described in the Android documentation plus "b" letter(s) can be used to have in the formatted text "Number of days to event" also. Three separate settings cover many user requests that we received during several years. Enjoy!
  • Additional options for tasks filtering and ordering. "Task scheduling" option added allowing to define, what date gets main attention for a task. With two values:
    • Show tasks under date due (Due date gets main attention, and we are showing tasks at their due dates, where it makes sense).
    • Show tasks under date started (Start date gets main attention, and we are showing tasks at their start dates, where it makes sense).
  • "Tasks without start and due dates" option added to allow changing placement in the list or hiding such tasks; with values:
    • Show at the end of the whole list (default option)
    • Show at the end of Today.
    • Hide.
  • "Filters troubleshooter" option added to debug events filtering and ordering.
  • "Restore settings from a backup" feature extended so that if the backup contains events (stored using "Share events and settings for debugging") than that events can be shown as a snapshot (e.g. for app problem investigation). Corresponding new "Lock list of events (Snapshot mode)" feature allows to switch between "Live data from real sources" (i.e. normal way to see events in the widget), "Snapshot as seen at the time, when it was taken" (Time machine), and "Stored snapshot shown at current time".

2019-12-01 v3.1.9 Hide duplicate events. Backup and restore

  • Selected Calendars (Task lists) display order is determined by the order in which the calendars are selected. Items in the list are reordered immediately after selection or deselection. All selected items are at the top of the list now.
  • Hide duplicates option added. Only the first event is shown, others are hidden. As written above, display order of Calendars and Task Lists is customized now, so a User can control, events fom which Calendar will be shown.
  • Backup and Restore widget settings. Convenient for cloning settings to another widget on the same device. Good for moving widget settings to another device, but may require calendars selection adjustment in this case.
  • Removed unneeded vertical bar before location (when time is not shown, e.g. for all day events).
  • Multiline details option added, allowing to see the whole Location in the "Time below title" Event entry layout.
  • Improved automatic widget refresh via introduction of a configurable Auto refresh period (in Other Settings). Default Auto refresh period is 10 minutes.

2019-10-05 v3.0.11 More colors and layout customizations

2019-08-11 v2.1.1 Tasks support

  • Tasks support added. Two Task apps are supported: OpenTasks (by dmfs GmbH) and Tasks of Samsung Calendar (looks like a deprecating feature...).
  • New option "Header for past/due events". If turned on, it shows all past/due events under one "Past and due" header. Applied both to calendar events and to tasks.

2019-01-19 v2.0.1 Renamed and republished

2017-06-01 v1.10.1

  • Fix issue where widget would crash because of unexpected widgetId
  • Translations updates

2017-05-02 v1.10.0

  • Added: Different settings for different Widget instances allow you to create any number of customized views of your events, including configuration of different calendars for different widgets. All setting are separate for each Widget instance. In order not to get confused in configurations of different widgets, you can launch "Calendar Widget" with your Android Launcher and you will be presented with a widget selection list. Each widget can be given its name to ease configuring. See screenshots.
  • Added: "Show day headers" option to disable day headers completely.
  • Added: The alternative widget layout: "All in one row". Each event can now occupy literally one line only. "Appearance -> Event entry layout" option allows to switch between the "Time below title" layout and this new one. When used with the "Show day headers" option, this layout almost doubles number of events visible in a widget without scrolling. "Days from Today" column replaces day headers in a case the Day Headers are turned off. See screenshots.
  • Added: "Abbreviate dates" option allows to have shorter date format for both Widget and Day headers.
  • Added: "Lock time zone" option to show events in the same Time Zone when travelling to different time zones.
  • Added: "Show only the closest instance of a recurring event". You can set "Event Filters"->"Date range" to "One year", and your agenda won't be an endless list of the same events.
  • Improved: Use space or commas in "Hide based on keywords in a title". Place a text in single or double quotes in order to have space or comma in a filter.
  • Android 7 compatibility, including support of permissions introduced in Android 6.

2015-11-01 v1.9.3

  • New preferences to filter the events shown by the widget
    • New "Show events that ended recently" option allows to show events, which ended several hours ago, today or yesterday. #122
    • New "Show all past events having default color" option shows all past events, which have 'Default color'. This option may be used to treat calendar events as Tasks and mark their completion by changing event's color. #138
    • New "Hide based on keywords in a title" option, which acts on all events. Multiple keywords may be separated by spaces or commas.
  • Add "Past events background color" option.
  • Add "Today" option to "Date range", so you can see current and future events for today only (The same "Today" option exists for past events also) #156
  • Add "Refresh" button to widget header to refresh the list of events #120
  • Add "Show days without events" option
  • Date format "auto" now makes use of system wide date settings

2015-01-20 v1.8.6

  • Add styling for Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Adding widget to home screen instantly adds it without showing settings ui
  • Add launcher entry to more easily access the settings of the widget
  • Add support for new languages swedish, ukraine, vietnamese, traditional chinese and finish (thanks to all contributors)


  • Fixes problem where all day events would be shown one day off


  • The calendar selection preferences now show the account a calendar comes from (thanks @thknepper)
  • Fixes issue where the date shown in the widget and in a calendar app would deviate (thanks @schmaller)
  • Adds translation for Portuguese, Romanian and Greek
  • Updates several other other translations


  • Adds Korean translation
  • Fixes problem where the Norwegian translation was not visible to users


  • Updates translations and adds support for simplified Chinese, Bulgarian and Norwegian


  • Fixes issue where the date headers for "Today" and "Tomorrow" where not show correctly
  • Updates translations and adds partial support for Hebrew (thanks bomba6)


  • Adds option to align the date header left, right and center
  • Allows to show events spreading over multiple days only on the first day
  • Enables to show only events in a one day date range (thanks jganetsk)
  • Adds new translations in Dutch and polish
  • A big thanks to at all the people who have helped with translations on crowdin.net
    • blancazert, deamn, emes2, gabrielemariotti, hermajan, jagoda1-72, k.schasfoort, moritzpost


  • Fine tunes the shading of the text colors
  • Fixes tinting issue of background color


  • Fixes critical bug on Android 4.0 devices
  • Completes Czech translation (thanks hermajan)


  • Adds theming capabilities to the widget background and texts
  • Taping on current date header now opens calendar app
  • Calendar events can now show their event specific color


  • Updates Czech translation
  • Fixes critical bug on Android 4.4


  • Adds support for multiple languages: Spanish, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Adds option to hide end date (contributed by ultraq)
  • Background transparency is set in 5% increments instead of 10% (contributed by ultraq)
  • Fixed bug where events starting or ending at midnight would not show their time correctly


  • Fixed serious crash when preferences from older installations were present


  • Fixed a crash of Samsungs S Planner when creating new event


  • Added option to show the event location
  • Added option to span title over multiple lines
  • Added ability to choose from more font sizes
  • Added option to set the event date range


  • Added support for Hungarian and Russian language


  • Added support for Czech language
  • Fixed crashes when adding event on certain devices
  • Fixed issue with spanning events


  • Enabled support to place the calendar widget on the lock screen
  • Calendar events can now be added directly from the widget
  • Added Japanese translations (Thanks to Sakuma)
  • Fixed several stability issues


  • Fixed critical issue where an all-day event would be displayed one day to early in certain timezones
  • Added ability to configure the transparency of the widget background


  • Added support for custom event colors
  • Calendar colors are now correctly shown on Jelly Bean
  • Fixed issue when opening the calendar selection preference activity
  • Fixed problem with events that span multiple days


  • Fixed problem where noon was display as 0:00 pm instead of 12:00 pm
  • Fixed issue when no calendar is present on the device


  • Added support for the am/pm date format
  • Events that span multiple days now create multiple entries in the widget
  • Touching a calendar entry now provides visual touch feedback
  • Events without title now indicate that there is no title


  • Fixed issue where the date in the calendar app would be displayed wrong when opened from the widget


  • Added indicators for events with an alert
  • Added indicators for recurring events
  • Widget refreshes at midnight
  • Widget handles time, date, timezone and locale changes correctly


  • Added preferences menu
  • Added option to select the active calendars for the widget
  • An new preferences option allows to hide the current date header to have more space for the calendar entries
  • The text size can not be customized as small, medium or large
  • The widget can not be shrinked properly on all devices

2012-05-15 v1.0

  • Initial Release