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Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

Migrating to the new coroutines 1.6 test APIs

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Compose Destinations

Annotation processing library for type-safe Jetpack Compose navigation with no boilerplate.
Featured Package // Category Navigation


Variable Rate Shading on Adreno GPUs

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Android layout that simulates physics using JBox2D
Featured Package // Category Layout Widget

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BubbleTabBar is a bottom navigation bar with customizable bubble-like tabs
Featured Package // Category Navigation


Android OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 Engine
Featured Package // Category OpenGL

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validator | Rule Based Validation Library in Android

Recently, Mustafa wrote a rule-based validation structure for all my inputs. It’s very flexible and manageable. Today he will try to explain the validator library.

Read the article written by Mustafa Yigit.
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AboutLibraries automatically collects all dependencies and licenses of any gradle project (Kotlin Multi Platform), and provides easy to integrate UI components for Android and Compose-jb environments
Featured Package // Category Other

Jetpack Compose benefits more than traditional Android UI creation using XML

It will need a long time for the innovation to replace standard XML. Many developers will remain hesitant to switch to this method. The reason for this is unique and has yet restricted adoption.
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Independent versioning of Jetpack Compose libraries

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Penalties for not reading the documentation carefully

Today, I will share my recent experience of not reading the documentation 📖carefully about the tag, which is introduced in Android11.
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Permission Flow for Android

Know about real-time state of a Android app Permissions with Kotlin Flow APIs
Package Added by PatilShreyas into category Kotlin

Kripton Persistence Library

A Java/Kotlin library for Android platform, to manage bean's persistence in SQLite, SharedPreferences, JSON, XML, Properties, Yaml, CBOR.
Featured Package // Category ORM

Measure screen response time

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FTP server for your android device.
Featured Package // Category Tools

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Android Studio Electric Eel Canary 6 now available

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Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.
Featured Package // Category Network


On-device wake word detection powered by deep learning.
Featured Package // Category Audio


A Gradle plugin to report the number of method references in your APK on every build.
Featured Package // Category Gradle

Combining StateFlows and transforming it into a StateFlow

In this blog, we are gonna do the experiment with the very 🔥hot StateFlow as the title of this blog suggests, we have to build a utility which can help us combining multiple StateFlows into another transformed StateFlow. Before diving into it, let's understand why we need it.
Article Added by: PatilShreyas //

React Native Tabbar Interaction

Tabbar Component For React-Native
Featured Package // Category Animations