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Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

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Top Stories
  • Android Studio Hedgehog Canary 5 now available
  • Exploring Android Heap allocations in jemalloc 'new'
  • Android Studio Hedgehog Canary 6 now available
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Tons of extensively featured packages for Angular, VUE and React Projects
Featured Package // Category Code Generation


paparazzi 1.3.0 released

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Android Dependency Inversion — Avoid rewriting your app

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Exploring Android Heap allocations in jemalloc 'new'

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Run Node.js on Android by rewrite Node.js in Java
Featured Package // Category Network

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Android Studio Hedgehog Canary 6 now available

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Compile time processed, annotation driven, no reflection SQLite database layer for Android
Featured Package // Category ORM

Uber Adb Tools for Android

A tool that enables advanced features through adb installing and uninstalling apps like wildcards and multi device support. Useful if you want to clean your test device from all company apks or install a lot of apks in one go. Written in Java so it should run on your platform.
Featured Package // Category Tools

Instabug Android SDK

In-app feedback and bug reporting tool for apps.
Featured Package // Category Crash monitoring


Generic form builder in Kotlin
Featured Package // Category Form

Compose Compiler Reports to HTML Generator

A utility (Gradle Plugin + CLI) to convert Jetpack Compose compiler metrics and reports to beautified HTML page.
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Last 30 Days

Android Studio Hedgehog Canary 5 now available

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Awesome Android Newsletter » 362

Top Stories
  • Google bans Downloader app after TV firms complain it can load a pirate website
  • PermissionFlow: A Reactive API for knowing the status of Android app permissions
  • Android Studio Flamingo Patch 2 now available
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Reveal effect (coach mark) for Jetpack Compose with a beautiful API
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Android Studio Flamingo Patch 2 now available

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Android Speech To Text — The missing guide (Part 1)

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A Viewholderless Adapter for RecyclerView, who supports builtin diffing, states (paging, empty...), events (clicking, swiping...), and more.
Featured Package // Category Other Widget

Awesome Mobile Libraries

This repo contains all the Open-source Libraries from iOS, Android, Flutter and React-Native.✨
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Compose Navigation Reimagined

🌈 Type-safe navigation library for Jetpack Compose
Featured Package // Category Navigation

Dynamic Support

A complete library to build Android apps with a built-in theme engine.
Featured Package // Category Design


📱:newspaper: Android client for the Nextcloud news/feed reader app
Featured Package // Category App

Android Gradle Build Speed Optimizations Explained

Slow build times can be frustrating for developers, leading to decreased productivity. There are several strategies and techniques that can be used to optimize the build speed of Android applications. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective Android build speed optimizations and explain how they reduce the build time.
Article Added by: m_aydina //

Jetpack Compose Tutorial: Animated Navigation Bar

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AlphabetIndex Fast Scroll RecyclerView

A Powerful AlphabetIndex FastScroller Library for Android's RecyclerView!
Featured Package // Category Data binding

Awesome Android Newsletter » 361

Top Stories
  • Introducing telephoto, a compose library for displaying zoomable images with automatic sub‑sampling of large bit
  • JetBrains is gathering feedback about Kotlin's debugger.
  • 30 ideas to reduce your Gradle Build times
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