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Android Kotlin paged endpoints made easy
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Most Common Dream Meanings Questions to Ask

Read the most common types of dream meanings for questions to ask
Article Added by: Dreamowmeaning //

How can Dream Meanings predict your future

Searching and looking up symbolism can predict dream meanings and your future
Article Added by: Dreamowmeaning //

Dream Meaning of a Better Life

Read about the dream meaning of a better life
Article Added by: Dreamowmeaning //

Dream Meanings for Thinkers

Great info for dream meanings for thinkers and answeres.
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How to Build a Responsive House with Flare and Flutter

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  • Google Play to phase out 32-bit only apps in 2021, requires 64-bit for new apps and app updates after August 1
  • JetBrains Toolbox App now includes Android Studio
  • MVP vs MVVM vs MVPVM analyze
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Kripton Persistence Library

A Java library to manage bean's persistence in SQLite, SharedPreferences, JSON, XML, Properties, Yaml, CBOR. For Java and Android platform
Featured Package // Category ORM

JetBrains Toolbox App now includes Android Studio

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Stfalcon Fixturer

Utility for developers and QAs what helps minimize time wasting on writing the same data for testing over and over again
Package Added by Max into category Kotlin

Scope of Enterprise Mobility Solutions in 2019

Enterprise Mobility Solutions enable to have control over the cost of Mobile devices provided to employees in an organization. This evolving trend also helps in increasing productivity and efficiency.
Article Added by: way2smilesolutions //

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Android Chat and Messaging SDK for adding real time chat and in-app messaging into your android application
Featured Package // Category SDK

Moshi vs Gson

Popular comparison
  • Moshi - A modern JSON library for Android and Java.
  • Gson - Gson is a Java library used for serializing and deserializing Java objects from and into JSON.

Devolve - Mobile & Web App Development Company in Calgary

Evolution is unavoidable when you want your business to constantly move into the future. Creative Ideas, Uniqueness and Technology are the keys Devolve uses to unlock the right doors for your business growth. We see through your eyes to visualize the requirements for any Web/Mobile App development and deliver an outstanding result.
Service Added by: devolve //

How to Build your Own Real-time Chat App

Besides the Social Media platforms, the current world is attracted more towards online chat apps to always be connected with their family, friends and acquaintances from any part of the globe. Also, the improving technology is advancing the features and functionalities of these Apps every day according to the user needs. This makes the App developers dig deep for better solutions.
Article Added by: vickyciky //


Analytics platform and user-engagment platform with 1 million free events
Featured Package // Category Tracking

okhttp vs unirest-java

Popular comparison
  • okhttp - An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.
  • unirest-java - Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.

How to Convert an Android App to iOS Wisely?

Is it hard to port an app? And what should you start with?
Here you will find out all the details you need to know about the process of converting an iOS app to Android app and vice versa.
Article Added by: Bessalitskykh //

APEX in Android Q: What Could Be The Biggest Thing Since Project Treble

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Android Networking in 2019 — Retrofit with Kotlin’s Coroutines

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Converts and optimizes HTML pages with JavaScript into the various standard Android layouts in XML. iOS will be supported through Flutter integration. Compatible with Chrome and Safari.
Featured Package // Category HTML, CSS and Javascript

What’s new in Android Studio 3.3

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unirest-java vs okhttp

Popular comparison
  • unirest-java - Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.
  • okhttp - An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.

Youtube UI/UX Animation

With MVVM Architecture pattern using Android Architecture Components This is a sample app demonstrating Youtube player animation using constraint layout
Featured Package // Category Animations

Dagger 2 vs Guice

Popular comparison
  • Dagger 2 - A fast dependency injector for Android and Java.
  • Guice - Guice (pronounced 'juice') is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 6 and above, brought to you by Google.


Clean, lightweight protocol buffers for Android.
Featured Package // Category Utility