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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

Notification trampoline restrictions-Android12

Sometimes tapping a notification πŸ”” and nothing happens for a couple of minutes, then it suddenly pops up? 😬
Starting with Android 12 notifications will not work if they do not start activities directly.
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The bullet proof, fast and easy to use adapter library, which minimizes developing time to a fraction...
Featured Package // Category Adapter


Best resources to learn Android Studio and IntelliJIDEA

Android Studio and IDEA is two of the popular IDE for Android development and it make sense to learn them to improve productivity and work better. If you want to learn these essential tools better, these resources can help you
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Evolving our business model to address developer needs

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Allows Android apps to interact with BLE beacons
Featured Package // Category Bluetooth

AndroidDevSummit agenda posted

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Windows 11 Subsystem for Android

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LiveData Testing

TestObserver to easily test LiveData and make assertions on them.
Featured Package // Category Test

Coroutines answer to the problem with the mutable state

What thread-safety mechanisms we should use in Kotlin Coroutines.

Coroutines answer to the problem with the mutable state by Marcin Moskala πŸ‘‡
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Android Studio Chipmunk Canary 2 available

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This library will help to show the polyline in dual color similar as Uber.
Featured Package // Category Navigation

The Developers' Bakery - Firefox for Android

You don’t get to build a browser every day right? Today we have Sebastian Kaspari on stage to talk us about Firefox for Android 🦊.

Together we will walk through what it takes to write a mobile browser, and we will discover some of the open-source projects in the Mozilla ecosystem such as Firefox Focus, GeckoView and Mozilla Android Components.

Enjoy the show πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³
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Joda-Time library with Android specialization
Featured Package // Category Utility


KeePass implementation for android
Featured Package // Category App

Releases Hub Gradle Plugin v3.1.0

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Jetpack Compose: Drag-and-drop reorder for lists

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A simple library to add Emoji support to your Android Application
Featured Package // Category Other Widget

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A library that gives full control over text related technologies such as bidirectional algorithm, open type shaping, text typesetting and text rendering
Featured Package // Category Font

Hugo Example

Bersikaplah terbuka terhadap setiap peluang secara fotografis. Memotret apa pun yang menarik mata Anda
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Secure Secrets πŸ”‘ in Android using Jetpack Security (In-Depth) β€” Android Security-02

"In google I/O 2019 Android team released its Security Cryptographic library named Jetpack Security to ease developers in building secured applications."

Secure Secrets πŸ”‘ in Android using Jetpack Security (In-Depth)β€Š-β€ŠAndroid Security-02 by Ali Azaz AlamπŸ‘‡
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Android Studio Chipmunk Canary 1 available

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Android Studio Bumblebee Beta 1 available

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Detecting App Cloning & Location Spoofing on Android

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An instagram-like segmented progress bar
Featured Package // Category Component

SIM Card Based Mobile Authentication with Android

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Google releases Android 12 CCD compatibility definition document

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