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Android Draw

A drawing view for your android application.
Package Added by divyanshub024 into category UI Widget


Open source mobile & web analytics, push notifications and crash reporting platform, based on Node.js, MongoDB and Linux.
Featured Package // Category Tracking

AndroidSwipeLayout vs SmartRefreshLayout

Popular comparison
  • AndroidSwipeLayout - The Most Powerful Swipe Layout!
  • SmartRefreshLayout - SmartRefreshLayout extended the thoughts of SwipeRefreshLayout,using a ViewGroup to include a list of Views, to maintain its low coupling and high versatility



This repository is for getting runtime permission with MyPermisssion library . By Using MyPermission library, its easy to get Runtime permission with few lines of code .
Package Added by jaspreet1990 into category Animations

Android Developers Can Use Google AdMob And Comply With GDPR

Due to the coming GDPR legislation which comes into effect on the 25th of May. Any business based in the EU will need to gain opt-in consent to collect or use any of their user's personal data.

This could cause developers to turn off AdMob in order to be compliant.
Article Added by: jamesmarkewen //

Toolkit for app developers to comply with GDPR

It's a huge problem for app publishers. How can you comply with intimidating privacy legislation and maximise the number of users that are opted into your app services?
Article Added by: jamesmarkewen //


An asynchronous http client built on top of HttpURLConnection.
Featured Package // Category Network

okhttp vs unirest-java

Popular comparison
  • okhttp - An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.
  • unirest-java - Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.

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Analytics platform to analyze the users.
Featured Package // Category Tracking

Android Application Development UK

Looking for services related to Android Application Development in UK? Net Solutions is a renowned Web and Mobile application development company developing and delivering outstanding development solutions to the clients all across the globe. We offer Development solutions that are reliable and affordable.
Service Added by: hamishlawson //


Plugin for Android Studio And IntelliJ Idea to generate Kotlin data class code from JSON text ( Json to Kotlin )
Featured Package // Category Plugin

Mobile App Development

Tangensys is also known as mobile app development company, avail complete mobile app development services in India for small, medium and large industries.We have expert app developers to fulfill our client’s requirement.Our Developers are very comfortable to develop apps for various operating systems available in the market.
Service Added by: manishkumar009 //


WordPress for Android
Featured Package // Category App

DBFlow vs realm-java

Popular comparison
  • DBFlow - A blazing fast, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library that writes database code for you.
  • realm-java - Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & ORMs

Mosby vs Moxy

Popular comparison
  • Mosby - A Model-View-Presenter library for modern Android apps.
  • Moxy - Moxy is Android library based on MVP pattern


Examples of Android applications
Featured Package // Category Demo

Jackson JSON Processor vs Moshi

Popular comparison
  • Jackson JSON Processor - High-performance JSON processor.
  • Moshi - A modern JSON library for Android and Java.

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  • Android Jetpack: sweetening Kotlin development with Android KTX (Google I/O '18)
  • Beware! Android P will crash your app on ANR (app not responding) instead of giving a warning/dialog
  • Build an Instagram-Like Android App Using Google Firebase - Dragos Holban
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Countly Mobile Analytics - Android SDK
Featured Package // Category SDK

Junit vs robolectric

Popular comparison
  • Junit - A programmer-oriented testing framework for Java.
  • robolectric - Android Unit Testing Framework

Insider's Guide to Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree Part 7 - Full Stack Android

in this final part of the Insider's Guide To Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree I'm not just going to go through the building of a mobile app, looking into the topics of Fragments, Loaders, AsyncTasks, Retrofit network calls, GSON parsing and Memory leaks, only. I'm also going to go through the work that took place server side, looking into Web based MVC, HTML template rendering, Perl coding, Data Modelling, functional programming in Java and so on.
Tutorial Added by: nikosvaggalis //

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ObjectBox Java (Kotlin, Android)

ObjectBox is a superfast mobile database for objects
Package Added by VardanK into category Database


OpenKeychain is an OpenPGP implementation for Android.
Featured Package // Category Utility

rx-android-architecture vs

Popular comparison
  • rx-android-architecture - An example project of an Android architecture built on RxJava
  • - A simple chat demo for and Android

Exploring the Android Navigation Architecture Component

Article Popular Story //

[Udacity] Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers

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a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager app.
Featured Package // Category App