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Android 12 will hibernate unused apps

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Dagger 2.31 released

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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

MotionLayout - An Easy Way to Create Complex Animations

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  • Sources: US intel agencies are investigating JetBrains as possible entry point for SolarWinds hackers
  • Google is reportedly working on an app hibernation feature for Android 12
  • FTC Blame ‘Harmful Monetization practices’ on Apple and Google
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Privacy policy hosting for Android Apps

PolicyTrail hosts your Privacy Policy for free. After you create your policy, a public link is made available to you.
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Android Fragment Lifecycle in 192 Seconds

📺 192 seconds and you'll master Android Fragment Lifecycle.
Just click and watch 🍿 And subscribe if you like the content - videos are coming weekly 🕺
Tutorial Added by: vladsonkin //

Re: Avoid backing properties for LiveData and StateFlow

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Choose Wisely: 5 Ways To Show A Message In Android

In Android, we have 5 ways to show messages, but the question is, which tool to use in which case? With this diagram, you'll choose wisely.
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Google is reportedly working on an app hibernation feature for Android 12

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Building An App

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A Glitch in the Data

a no-nonsense android library for form validation and string matching
Package Added by yamin8000 into category Field Validation

20 best flutter app templates 2021

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List of coverage metrics for Apps testing

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FTC Blame ‘Harmful Monetization practices’ on Apple and Google

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Build, compile, run: A crash course in classpaths

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Awesome Android Newsletter » 238

Top Stories
  • Building complex screens in a RecyclerView with Epoxy
  • When “Compat” libraries won’t save you
  • Everyday Year 4: Approaching $10k MRR
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Android Activity Lifecycle Ultimate Guide

Why the Activity Lifecycle is essential and how to use it correctly.
I’ll also show you another way of the Android Activity Lifecycle diagram, which is more understandable 😍
Tutorial Added by: vladsonkin //

Download Instagram Mockup 2021

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When planning to have an app for your business, you should make a crucial choice of PWA vs native. Each type has its own benefits, so the task is not an easy one.
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When “Compat” libraries won’t save you

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2 Best Ways To Use Custom Fonts In Android

Here are the 2 best ways of how to use Custom Fonts in Android apps. BTW, what is your favorite font?
Article Added by: vladsonkin //

Step-by-step Android localization tutorial

A thorough walkthrough of how to localize an Android app. Start by adding "values" directories to your resources so that Android knows you have localized your app. When a user running Android in a different language runs your app, Android will check these directories to see if you have a localization ready
Tutorial Added by: localizer //

Building complex screens in a RecyclerView with Epoxy

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Kotlin vs. Java: What To Choose for a Mobile App Development

The article draws a comparison line between Kotlin and Java technologies and recommends the best option for developing an Anroid mobile application. The AppSolutions teams also reveals how to build an Anroid app with pre-coded Java features.
Article Added by: TatsianaIsakova //

React Native app

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