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Android loading or progress dialog widget library, provide efficient way to implement iOS like loading dialog and progress wheel
Featured Package // Category Progressbar/Progress View Widget

Use WorkManager Mindfully and Don’t Make These Mistakes

WorkManager is a powerful tool, but with great power comes great responsibility. Is it always completely safe to use? In this article, we will discuss a few potentially dangerous situations related to WorkManager. We will focus on the inconsistency of Workers, which can be edited or removed over time.
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Reveal effect (coach mark) for Compose Multiplatform targeting Android, iOS, desktop and Web
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Exploring Molecule and Beyond with Jake Wharton

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Crowdin Android SDK

Crowdin Android SDK delivers all new translations from Crowdin project to the application immediately
Featured Package // Category Kotlin


Android app that allows you to draw anything and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.
Featured Package // Category App

ProgressDialog Library

A ProgressDialog Library for Android API 24+ apps provided by Techiness Overloaded (Developer name : Arunprasadh C). Quite Useful for showing progress during any operation. Has support for both Determinate and Indeterminate ProgressBar, Dark Theme, and NegativeButton.
Featured Package // Category Progressbar/Progress View Widget

Gestures in Jetpack compose — All you need to know — Part 2

In this part, we will take our understanding of gestures in Jetpack Compose to the next level. We will unravel the complexities of handling multiple gestures concurrently, creating a fling effect, manually tracking interactions, disabling interactions when necessary, and even waiting for specific events.
Article Added by: canopas_user //

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Test generation for Developers. Generate tests and stubs for your application that actually work!
Featured Package // Category Code Generation


Easily add slide to dismiss functionality to an Activity
Featured Package // Category Animations

Downloading Files using Work Manager

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Location tracking & geofencing the easy way. Supports background, killed app, rebooted device different update intervals.
Featured Package // Category Animations

Events as state are an antipattern

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Exercises in futility: One-time events in Android

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Webtrekk Android SDK v5 [BETA]

Webtrekk Android SDK V5
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Muay Thaideas: A Roundhouse Kickstart

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🚀Jetpack Compose utility library for capturing Composable content and transforming it into Bitmap Image🖼️
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

What’s new in Flutter 3.16

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Kommunicate Live Chat SDK Android Chatbot SDK
Featured Package // Category Chat & Messaging

what3words Autosuggest EditText

An Android library to use what3words autosuggest
Featured Package // Category Navigation

Android Studio Iguana | 2023.2.1 Canary 14 now available

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Android Studio Giraffe | 2022.3.1 Patch 4 now available

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Awesome Android Newsletter » 387

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