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📸 Use Android camera to take pictures and videos, based on `camera2` api.
Featured Package // Category Camera

Android Studio 3.3 Beta 1 available

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Android Studio 3.4 Canary 1 available

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GoldenEye - Camera1 and Camera2 API wrapper

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Ionic Training in Chennai 

Ionic is a tool for hybrid mobile app development which is written in HTML , CSS and Javascript. It is easy and free to install and it is very simple to use. The App developed in Ionic Framework can be used in both IOS and Android. If you are looking for Ionic Training in Chennai, right from the basics to advanced techniques, check out FITA at Chennai.
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Web development company

Best web development company India, Yarddiant offers all type of web design and development services specializes in custom WordPress theme development services.
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  • Writing Your First Android App, in Assembly
  • New API for users to update without leaving your app!
  • Google to charge smartphone makers to use Google Play in Europe in response to antitrust ruling
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Cross platform error monitoring.
Featured Package // Category Crash monitoring

Playtime 2018: Helping you build better apps in a smaller bundle

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New API for users to update without leaving your app!

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Android library for fluid tablayout animation as seen on Snapchat.
Package Added by nirukk52 into category UI Widget

Instabug Android SDK

Comprehensive Bug and Crash Reporting for Mobile Apps
Package Added by yhelmy1 into category Debug

Moshi vs Gson

Popular comparison
  • Moshi - A modern JSON library for Android and Java.
  • Gson - Gson is a Java library used for serializing and deserializing Java objects from and into JSON.

Reactive Workflows a Year Later

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Last 7 Days

butterknife vs AndroidAnnotations

Popular comparison
  • butterknife - View "injection" library for Android.
  • AndroidAnnotations - Fast Android Development. Easy maintainance.


Android Kotlin paged endpoints made easy
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

okhttp vs unirest-java

Popular comparison
  • okhttp - An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.
  • unirest-java - Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.

Creating an Expandable Floating Action Button in Android

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Features • GitHub Actions

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Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Learn Manual Testing Training in Chennai at FITA – No 1 Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai with Placement. Invest your valuable time in learning Manual Testing Training in Chennai to get a Good job with the decent package
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Choose The Perfect One to Develop Your Android App

The Smartphone have brought the entire world in our palm. Few years before no one can't think of the Smartphone except the I-phones, but with the coming of android in the market, this notion is completely changed. Android phones are now available, with various features and with an affordable price for the common people. So, its demand is gradually increasing and the builders are trying to indulge more applications in the phones so that both the customer and the provider will be benefited.
Article Added by: JoeAndroidDeveloper //

How to Troubleshoot Service Battery Warning on Mac

Update the way to trouble shoot the problem in the battery of mac
Article Added by: billymark007 //

RPA Training

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Kripton Persistence Library

A Java library to manage bean's persistence in SQLite, SharedPreferences, JSON, XML, Properties, Yaml, CBOR. For Java and Android platform
Featured Package // Category ORM

Looking for Norton Setup After you buy Norton Antivirus visit our site, sign in to norton account for Norton Setup or Install where you can enter and activate your 25 digit product key to setup your account -
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McAfee Activate - If you are looking for complete instruction that can guide you in downloading, installation and activation then read this article. For activation, you need to visit -
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Splunk MINT vs Fabric Crashlytics

Popular comparison
  • Splunk MINT - Monitoring, Crash Reports, Real tima data, Statistic.
  • Fabric Crashlytics - Easy crash reporting solution.

Patchwork Plaid — A modularization story

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