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Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

what3words Autosuggest EditText

An Android library to use what3words autosuggest
Featured Package // Category Navigation



Dynamic Speedometer and Gauge for Android. amazing, powerful, and multi shape :zap:
Featured Package // Category Animations

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NotyKT 🖊️

📒 NotyKT is a complete 💎Kotlin-stack (Backend + Android) 📱 application built to demonstrate the use of Modern development tools with best practices implementation🦸.
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

ProgressDialog Library

A ProgressDialog Library for Android API 24+ apps provided by Techiness Overloaded (Developer name : Arunprasadh C). Quite Useful for showing progress during any operation. Has support for both Determinate and Indeterminate ProgressBar, Dark Theme, and NegativeButton.
Featured Package // Category Progressbar/Progress View Widget

Rich media input from the keyboard in Compose

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Crowdin Android SDK

Crowdin Android SDK delivers all new translations from Crowdin project to the application immediately
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Android Studio Iguana | 2023.2.1 now available

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🎨 Android colorpicker for getting colors from any images by tapping on the desired color.
Featured Package // Category Animations


Reveal effect (coach mark) for Compose Multiplatform targeting Android, iOS, Desktop and Web
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Jetpack Compose: Strong Skipping Mode Explained

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What’s the buzz about the 2024 OWASP Mobile Top 10 changes?

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Squircle IDE

👨‍💻 Squircle CE is a fast and free multi-language code editor for Android
Featured Package // Category TextView/EditText Widget


🚀Jetpack Compose utility library for capturing Composable content and transforming it into Bitmap Image🖼️
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Fragula 2

🧛 Fragula is a swipe-to-dismiss extension for navigation component library for Android
Featured Package // Category Navigation

Android UI testing utils

A set of TestRules, ActivityScenarios and utils to facilitate UI and screenshot testing under given configurations: FontSizes, Locales...
Featured Package // Category Test

What inspired me to become a fullstack developer

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Turtle 🐢

Run shell commands from Kotlin scripts, apps or Gradle tasks with ease.
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

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Kommunicate Live Chat SDK Android Chatbot SDK
Featured Package // Category Chat & Messaging

Refining Compose API for design systems

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Webtrekk Android SDK v5 [BETA]

Webtrekk Android SDK V5
Featured Package // Category Kotlin