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"Selenium for Android" (Test automate native or hybrid Android apps and the mobile web with Selendroid.)
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okhttp vs unirest-java

Popular comparison
  • okhttp - An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.
  • unirest-java - Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.



A library that checks for your apps' updates on Google Play, GitHub, Amazon, F-Droid or your own server. API 8+ required.
Featured Package // Category Update

Mosby vs Moxy

Popular comparison
  • Mosby - A Model-View-Presenter library for modern Android apps.
  • Moxy - Moxy is Android library based on MVP pattern

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Solutions of HackerRank problems only in Java
Featured Package // Category Animations

DBFlow vs realm-java

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  • DBFlow - A blazing fast, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library that writes database code for you.
  • realm-java - Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & ORMs

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  • 25 new Android libraries, projects and tools worthy to check in Spring 2018
  • [Slides] ConstraintLayout 2.0 sneak peek
  • Exploring the v28 Android Design Support Library Additions
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Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for the Facebook mobile SDK
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Kotlin 1.2.40 is out!

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Rethinking GPS: Engineering Next-Gen Location at Uber

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Supernova Studio: Design to Code Tool

Supernova is a design to code platform with the mission to accelerate the app development workflow for mobile designers and developers. Supernova Studio allows for flawless conversion of app designs into native iOS, Android and React Native code. Studio takes Sketch designs and converts them, within minutes, into native and production components such as buttons, labels, images, tables and more. That’s just the beginning, Studio employs highly advanced heuristics and analytics allowing for a...
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New Firebase's Passwordless Sign-In with Email Link

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Open source Jabber (XMPP) client with multi-account support, clean and simple interface. Being both free (as in freedom!) and ad-free, Xabber is designed to be the best Jabber client for Android.
Featured Package // Category XMPP

Gradle 4.7 Released

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How to Use Shared Element Transition with Glide in 4 steps

Shared Element Transition is one of the key transitions in Material Design. It is easy to implement when we have static resources saved locally but creating seamless animation with images downloaded from the internet can be tricky.
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Android library to choose image from gallery or camera with option to compress result image
Package Added by maayyaannkk into category Camera

Splunk MINT vs Fabric Crashlytics

Popular comparison
  • Splunk MINT - Monitoring, Crash Reports, Real tima data, Statistic.
  • Fabric Crashlytics - Easy crash reporting solution.

Parametrized tests with Spek

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A simple way to encrypt your secure data like passwords into a native .so library.
Featured Package // Category Gradle

Free Android Development PDF Book

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Kripton Persistence Library

A Java library to manage bean's persistence in SQLite, SharedPreferences, JSON, XML, Properties, Yaml, CBOR. For Java and Android platform
Featured Package // Category ORM

sugar vs android-database-sqlcipher

Popular comparison
  • sugar - Insanely easy way to work with Android Database.
  • android-database-sqlcipher - Android SQLite API based on SQLCipher

[Codelabs] Android Paging codelab

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SoftProdigy System Solutions(P) Ltd.

SoftProdigy is a development firm situated in IT Park, Mohali(India). The company has been providing development services since 2006 with quality applications & affordable prices.
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Cross platform error monitoring.
Featured Package // Category Crash monitoring