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Easy to integrate and use. Very customizable!
Package Recommended by Inconnu08


The usual Snackbar with more 🍫 and colours 💥
Package Added by Pradyuman7 into category Snackbar Widget

How to get your Menu Options on Steroids

Article Added by: Pradyuman7 //


🔥 An android library to get simple menu options on steroids 💪.
Package Added by Pradyuman7 into category Animations


An Open Source XMPP Client Library written in Java for JVMs and Android
Featured Package // Category XMPP


Simple star rating system view for Android.
Package Added by Inconnu08 into category Activity Widget



To set single or multiple corners on Image Views.
Package Added by dushyantsharma into category Animations


Easy to use and Integrate
Package Recommended by dushyantsharma

Package Added by dushyantsharma into category Images


An Android library for managing multiple stacks of fragments
Featured Package // Category Navigation

Which is better? Google play store or the App store?

When it comes to the choosing better store to launch and sell your app, there are only two main options.The first is the Google play store, where you can launch your app for Android devices.
Article Added by: nimbleappgenie //

Fragment related pitfalls and how to avoid them

Some counter-intuitive issues with Fragments and code examples of how to avoid them.
Article Added by: ashishb //

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Google maps is a paid service. What are the alternatives?

Most of us would have found it critical to find locations in a Google Maps API and willing to pay for this services becomes a spontaneous response. This has raised the attention of many mobile apps developers in producing free location based maps for the benefits of delivery management applications and short commute services. Further it has created a steer for mobile application developers to go to the next level of Location based Maps in future.
Article Added by: w2ssolutions //

Free Audio Resources CC BY 4.0

Article Popular Story //


Lightweight, embedded, syncable NoSQL database engine for Android.
Featured Package // Category ORM

Reliable Hot Reload on Android

What if I told you that there was a way to get reliable hot reload on Android with zero compiler hacks using Android APIs that have been available since 1.0?
Article Added by: gpeal //

The Lessons from Android Things

Article Popular Story //

Fresco vs glide

Popular comparison
  • Fresco - An image management library by FaceBook
  • glide - An image loading and caching library for Android focused on smooth scrolling

ion vs picasso

Popular comparison
  • ion - Android Asynchronous Networking and Image Loading
  • picasso - A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android

Mocking is not rocket science: MockK advanced features

Learn about new and powerful MockK features that let you improve your unit tests and mock whatever you need.
Article Added by: MajaMarkiewicz //


Android RecyclerView Adapter with nested items & expand/contract functionality
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

How to build sample apps for Android libraries with just a few lines of code

Introducing library-sample-app-template: bootstrap your Android libraries.
Article Added by: PierfrancescoSoffritti //


ownCloud News Reader - Android App
Featured Package // Category App

Xabber vs Conversations

Popular comparison
  • Xabber - Open source Jabber (XMPP) client with multi-account support, clean and simple interface. Being both free (as in freedom!) and ad-free, Xabber is designed to be the best Jabber client for Android.
  • Conversations - Conversations is an open source XMPP (formally known as Jabber) client for Android 4.0+ smart phones.

cocos2d-x vs libgdx

Popular comparison
  • cocos2d-x - cocos2d-x for C++
  • libgdx - Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework

Retrofit meets coroutines

Article Popular Story //


A highly efficient refresh library for Android . In theory , Can support all Views.一个高效的Android刷新库,理论上支持所有的视图,比官方的SwipeRefreshLayout更强大且使用方便.
Featured Package // Category Layout Widget