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The perils of Inheritance

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R8 Optimization: Staticization

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A quick and easy flip view through which you can create views with two sides like credit cards, poker cards etc.
Featured Package // Category Animations

Using vector assets in Android apps – by Nick Butcher

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jcodec vs FFmpeg

Popular comparison
  • jcodec - jcodec - a pure java implementation of video/audio codecs.
  • FFmpeg - mirror of git://

Ias Preparation

UPSC has released the exam dates for IAS 2019 at The civil services exam is conducted in two stages viz.

Stage 1: IAS Prelims – June 2, 2019
Stage 2: IAS Mains – September 20, 2019
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We are available 24/7 to help you out the complete procedure of download, install and activate MS Office. We do not resolve only your problems related to .office but also we guide with how to get started with your new Microsoft Office once it gets installed successfully on your device
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Annotation based Android lint check generation
Package Added by iFanie into category Kotlin


A better in app Download Manager for Android
Featured Package // Category Network

Gradle Kotlin DSL 1.0

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Simple Intro to Night Mode

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Top Mobile Device Management Tools

Explore MDM and MAM tools that allow you to manage your team’s mobile devices and data and privately distribute apps or tools in bulk.
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NativeScript vs Titanium

Popular comparison
  • NativeScript - An open-source framework to build native iOS and Android apps with JavaScript from a single code base.
  • Titanium - Open-source framework to create 'native' cross platform apps using JavaScript.

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Tally Course in Hyderabad

Tally course in Hyderabad ameerpet by real time experts. Best tally institute in Hyderabad sannihitha technologies offers 100 % job placement for deserving candidates.
Tutorial Added by: mahieswari //


A library that gives full control over text related technologies such as bidirectional algorithm, open type shaping engine, text typesetting and text rendering.
Featured Package // Category Font

Progressive Release: How to Release Your App With Less Stress

Learn why the ideal mobile app release process includes beta testing, staged rollouts, continuous integration/deployment, feature toggles, and A/B testing.
Article Added by: hadyelhady //

ObjectBox Java (Kotlin, Android)

ObjectBox is a superfast mobile database for objects
Featured Package // Category Database

Nitrite Database

Android embedded nosql document store
Featured Package // Category Database

Emulator 28.0.19 Canary

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Google Play services discontinuing updates for API levels 14 and 15

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  • The official Android Emulator is picking up support for Fuchsia’s Zircon kernel
  • Sergey Brin and Steve Horowitz discuss the upcoming Android SDK (2007)
  • Kotlin Coroutines patterns and anti-patterns
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LifecycleEvents library is an event bus implementation, using lifecycle from android architecture components and kotlin language features.
Featured Package // Category EventBus

Chris Horner - RxJava: A Stream of Joy and Woe

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Android Studio 3.3 Release Candidate 2 available

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Android Studio 3.4 Canary 7 available

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Velocidapter - A Databinding Alternative for Adapters

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Build your Android app Faster and Smaller than ever

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