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Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

Function types

What is a function type, and what less-known features it offers? 🤔

All the answers you will find in the article written by Marcin Moskala. 🏆
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NotyKT 🖊️

📒 NotyKT is a complete 💎Kotlin-stack (Backend + Android) 📱 application built to demonstrate the use of Modern development tools with best practices implementation🦸.
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

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  • Non-standard Flutter custom bottom navigation bar
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  • Build a Real-Time Android WhatsApp Clone With Jetpack Compose
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Telegram Borsa Grupları

Dikkat! Telegram Borsa Grupları ve Kanallarını incelememize rağmen, aşağıda yer alan Borsa Grubu ve Borsa Kanalları tarafından paylaşılan verilerin güvenilirliğini doğrulama fırsatımız olmadığı konusunda sizi uyarmalıyız.
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Essential programming nomenclature

Find out what you need to know before you start writing documentation, books, or articles about programming in the publication written by Marcin Moskała
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Android library for viewing, editing and sharing in app databases.
Featured Package // Category Utility

Android App Localization: Key Steps

You might be a beginner developer making your first Android app or an experienced programmer adding to your dozen or so other Android apps. But the main question is: who are you making this app for? This article will help you learn the key steps for the localization of Android applications and reaching new markets.
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Google Play - Strike Removal Program

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Quick Note on Jetpack Compose Recomposition

Things you should know about Jetpack compose recomposition.
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MJPEG video streaming on Android
Featured Package // Category Media

Building Plugable Features on Android

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Android Kiosk Apps and Custom MDM Using Device Owner

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Nitrite Database

Java embedded nosql document store
Featured Package // Category Database

Comparing Jetpack Compose performance with XML

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Reactive UI state on Android, starring Compose

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Copy-paste improvements -Android13

In this article, we will explore Android 13’s new clipboard UI, as well as privacy improvements 📋

Android 13 introduces a new UI for confirmation whenever data is added to the clipboard.
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Non-standard Flutter custom bottom navigation bar

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AutoSize TextField in Android Jetpack Compose

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Intro Showcase View

Highlight different features of the app using Jetpack Compose
Featured Package // Category Kotlin

Crowdin Android SDK

Crowdin Android SDK delivers all new translations from Crowdin project to the application immediately
Package Added by AndriiMosk into category Kotlin

Mobile App Refactoring Initiative by Slack

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Android port of Simon Tatham's Puzzles
Featured Package // Category App

How to create dApp

Despite the fact that the world is moving towards a decentralized web, most people still do not understand what this means. In this case, decentralized applications (dApps) are just another type of app that run on the web. This means that it’s user-friendly and secure at the same time. Also, dApps enable users to interact with each other without a third party.
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ProgressDialog Library

A ProgressDialog Library for Android API 24+ apps provided by Techiness Overloaded (Developer name : Arunprasadh C). Quite Useful for showing progress during any operation. Has support for both Determinate and Indeterminate ProgressBar, Dark Theme, and NegativeButton.
Featured Package // Category Progressbar/Progress View Widget

Convert View Model to Use Hilt Dependency Injection

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Android — Infinite Auto-Scroll with Jetpack compose

Wanna learn infinite Auto-Scroll using Jetpack compose?

Here's the article with step by step guide to implement infinite auto-scroll.
Article Added by: rakshag //