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Bugsnag crash monitoring and reporting tool for Android apps
Featured Package // Category Crash monitoring


Background Task Inspector

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NativeScript v8.0.5

A new version of NativeScript has been released
New Version


Android Real Time Chat & Messaging SDK
Featured Package // Category SDK

Integrating Rust Into the Android Open Source Project

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Robot reviewing DANGERous Pull Request

I would like to share how we have used Danger to ensure few common rules for a Pull request.
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Jetpack Compose offers a Material theme implementation to have consistent look and feel throughout the whole app.
Material allows us to have a uniform UI that follows Android UI best practices and guidelines, but at the same time, it’s super rigid and limited when the app needs a more complex UI customization level.
In this post, we’ll learn how to adapt, customize and extend Compose Material Theme in order to fulfill your app UI requirements and get rid of material limitations.
Article Added by: matir91 //


AnalogClockView is custom view which take system time and show in Analog clock
Package Added by Hemu43362 into category Date & Time

Multi-platform Development with Co-creator of Flutter, Eric Seidel

Eric Seidel, co-creator of Flutter and Director of Engineering at Google, talks about the Flutter developer experience and the Dart language that powers it.
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Countly Product Analytics Android SDK
Featured Package // Category Tracking


Countly Product Analytics Android SDK
Featured Package // Category SDK

Data modifier is a powerful tool 💪

If you want to learn how it works, what are its perils and dangers, read the article written by Marcin Moskała ➡️ "Use the data modifier to represent a bundle of data".
Article Added by: cantatricekejt //


Generic form builder in Kotlin
Featured Package // Category Form


🎨 Android colorpicker for getting colors from any images by tapping on the desired color.
Featured Package // Category Animations

kotlinx.serialization 1.2 released

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📱:newspaper: Android client for the Nextcloud news/feed reader app
Featured Package // Category App

New safety section in Google Play will give transparency into how apps use data

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Android library for viewing, editing and sharing in app databases.
Featured Package // Category Utility

Ably is launching an asset tracking product in partnership with Mapbox.

Ably Asset Tracking is simply the best and fastest way to build delivery apps and logistics services that rely on realtime location data to track any asset. Check out the Android SDK.
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ContentProvider in Android Libraries Considered Harmful

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Kotlin 1.5.0 – the First Big Release of 2021

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MJPEG video streaming on Android
Featured Package // Category Media