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Units of Measurement DSL for dimensional analysis and type-safety written in Kotlin
Featured Package // Category Kotlin



Auto Scrolling Image Pager with Pager Indicator and Text
Featured Package // Category Images


Gradle plugin to prepare and distribute Android Snapshot versions
Package Added by matir91 into category Plugin

async-http-client vs retrofit

Popular comparison
  • async-http-client - Asynchronous Http and WebSocket Client library for Java
  • retrofit - Type-safe REST client for Android and Java by Square, Inc.

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  • Android Studio 3.4
  • EU Approves new Digital Market rules that also governs relation between developers and app stores
  • Project Marble: Lint Performance
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Android EditText Validations

Easily Validate EditTexts
Featured Package // Category Validation

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Fresco vs glide

Popular comparison
  • Fresco - An image management library by FaceBook
  • glide - An image loading and caching library for Android focused on smooth scrolling


Converts and optimizes HTML pages with JavaScript into the various standard Android layouts in XML. iOS will be supported through Flutter integration. Compatible with Chrome and Safari.
Featured Package // Category HTML, CSS and Javascript

Android Studio 3.4

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Guice vs Dagger 2

Popular comparison
  • Guice - Guice (pronounced 'juice') is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 6 and above, brought to you by Google.
  • Dagger 2 - A fast dependency injector for Android and Java.

WindowInsets — Listeners to layouts

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Android Chat and Messaging SDK for adding real time chat and in-app messaging into your android application
Featured Package // Category SDK

Abstract class vs interface in Kotlin

Article Added by: MajaMarkiewicz //

What's new in Android Studio 3.4

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Analytics platform and user-engagment platform with 1 million free events
Featured Package // Category Tracking

okhttp vs unirest-java

Popular comparison
  • okhttp - An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.
  • unirest-java - Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.

Improving the update process with your feedback

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realm-java vs greenDAO

Popular comparison
  • realm-java - Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & ORMs
  • greenDAO - greenDAO is a light & fast ORM solution for Android that maps objects to SQLite databases.

Offline First Mobile Apps

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Clean, lightweight protocol buffers for Android.
Featured Package // Category Utility

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Generic Android Deobfuscator
Featured Package // Category Security & Decompiler

SQLDelight vs Realm Asset Helper

Popular comparison
  • SQLDelight - Generates Java models from CREATE TABLE statements.
  • Realm Asset Helper - Copies a realm database from the apk assets folder. Efficienty handles versioning of read-only realm databases.

Moshi vs Gson

Popular comparison
  • Moshi - A modern JSON library for Android and Java.
  • Gson - Gson is a Java library used for serializing and deserializing Java objects from and into JSON.

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Kotlin 1.3.30 released

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Byte Buddy

Runtime code generation library with support for Android.
Featured Package // Category Utility