5 Android Services packages and projects

  • Bootstrap Hover Dropdown Plugin

    6.0 0.0
    An unofficial Bootstrap plugin to enable Bootstrap dropdowns to activate on hover and provide a nice user experience.
  • Stfalcon-PriceRangeBar

    2.5 6.7 Kotlin
    Android library for adding price range with chart like in airbnb with flexible customization. Made by Stfalcon https://stfalcon.com
  • Remoter

    1.9 3.5 Java
    An alternative to Android AIDL for Android Remote IPC services using plain java interfaces.
  • swipeable-button

    1.6 4.7 Kotlin
    Android Swipeable button like in iOS unlock screen. Made by Stfalcon https://stfalcon.com
  • Service Connector

    0.6 2.6 Java
    Bind Android services and callbacks to fields and methods.

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