5 Camera packages and projects

  • MagicalCamera

    3.8 0.0 Java
    Simple way to take or select photos of your gallery, with other features for manage pictures.
  • Pix (WhatsApp Style Image Picker)

    3.3 8.3 Java
    Pix is a Whatsapp image picker replica. with this, you can integrate an image picker just like WhatsApp.
  • LiveEdgeDetection

    2.4 6.5 Java
    No description, website, or topics provided.
  • Camera

    1.8 7.6 Java
    📸 Use Android camera to take pictures and videos, based on `camera2` api.
  • ImagePicker

    1.0 3.0 Java
    Android library to choose image from gallery or camera with option to compress result image

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