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  • Appyx

    6.3 9.8 Kotlin
    Model-driven navigation + UI components with gesture control for Compose Multiplatform
  • Zoom Recyler Layout

    5.9 0.0 Kotlin
    🎢 Zoom Recycler Layout Manager For Android Kotlin
  • Intro Showcase View

    4.3 6.1 Kotlin
    Highlight different features of the app using Jetpack Compose
  • ComposeScrollbars

    2.2 6.7 Kotlin
    ComposeScrollbars: Polish your Android Compose UI with advanced scrollbars
  • AnimatedBottomBarCompose

    2.1 7.9 Kotlin
    Cool animated navigation bars for your compose android app.
  • ComposeLevitation

    2.0 6.9 Kotlin
    ComposeLevitation: Empower your Android Compose UI with mesmerizing levitation effects
  • ComposeFadingEdges

    1.9 6.2 Kotlin
    ComposeFadingEdges: Enrich your Android Compose UI with fading edges