Pidcat v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-05-26 // almost 8 years ago
    • New: Display package and process name in birth & death messages.
    • New: Process can be matched in addition to package. For example will match all of Chrome's processes, will match only its main process, and will match that specific process name.
    • New: -c option clears log before reading logs.
    • New: If data is piped to pidcat it will be used as the log source instead of adb.
    • New: -t / --tag option allows filtering by tag name (regex supported).
    • New: -i / --ignore-tag option allows filtering out tags from the logs by name (regex supported).
    • New: --version option reports Pidcat's version.
    • New: Obtain unknown process IDs of currently-running apps.
    • New: --current option uses the package of the currently visible app for filtering.
    • New: Bash completion support for package names and device names. Requires manual installation of file in bash_completion.d/.
    • Fix: Properly match process birth & death from secondary processes.
    • Fix: Support leading spaces in PID numbers.
    • Fix: Default maximum tag length is now 23 (Android's maximum length).
    • Fix: Properly parse Android 5.1+ birth & death messages.