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  • v1.0.0 Changes

    April 25, 2016
    • 🚚 Operate on data set,for example ,remove,add,get,etc.
    • Bind Data(Model) and ViewHolder using DataBean,DataBean is a Wrapper of Data(Model);
    • DataBean controls creation of the ViewHolder and binds data to the ViewHolder;
    • Separate part of Adapter's responsibilities to DataBean,such as creating an instance of the ViewHolder and binding data to ViewHolder.Adapter only operate data;
    • ✂ Remove all statemens in onCreateViewHolder() or onBindViewHolder() taking advantage of Polymorphism;
    • You don't need to write any Recycler.Adapters after you use this powerful common adapter;
    • Your RecyclerView can have any kind of items(or viewHolders);
    • @Databean Annotation
    • 👉 Useful apis in BaseRecyclerViewHolder,such as setText(id,text),setImageBitmap(id,bitmap),etc