Twidere-Android v4.1.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-25 // over 1 year ago
  • 🆕 New Feature:

    You can now translate tweet (Via Yandex)
    👍 Filtering list timeline is now supported
    0️⃣ Tabs will be hidden if there's only one tab by default
    You can now hide retweet and like counts like twitter-demetricator
    If you have multiple accounts from different network, your network type will be displayed

    🛠 Fix:

    0️⃣ Video will not loop by default (by ColinKinloch)
    Swiping between panes will not triggers refresh (by ColinKinloch)
    List timeline/search tabs will remain the scroll position when navigating back
    ⚡️ Update translation with crowdin


    0️⃣ Account's domain is now showing by default
    Now will get the list of real boosters of a toot (by Linkid)
    📌 Pin/unpin toots is now supported (by Linkid)