A library for reading Shared Preferences and Database values within the application.

Similar to this library, there are existing libraries like Facebook's Stetho, which does the exact thing of reading the application's database and Shared Preferences. But the values are shown in the browser. With the help of this library, the developer does not need to connect the application to the browser. Within the phone itself, the developer can see the values.

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Programming language: Java
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A library for reading and writing Shared Preferences and Database values of the application within the device.

Advantages of using this library

  • No Java Code. Only gradle dependency.
  • Read all the Database Values in the device without the need of a browser.
  • See all the Shared Preferences at once or file by file.
  • Edit the table data by clicking the value of a column in a row.
  • Query the database with various types of queries like SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT and RAW QUERY. Querying is made simpler by making an interactive UI for various types of queries.
  • Copy the value of an individual column of Shared Preference and Database tables to Clipboard.
  • With the help of some additional gradle code, this library will pick up the compileSdk Version, targetSdk Version and Build Tools Version from the main project.

Install the library

compile 'com.awesomedroidapps:inappstoragereader:1.0.2'

Or if the library is to be used only for debug builds and not release builds, then

debugCompile 'com.awesomedroidapps:inappstoragereader:1.0.2'

The library is using some dependencies for building the UI i.e. RecyclerView v23.2.0, CardView v23.2.0 and the Support Library v23.2.0. In case, your project is also using these dependencies, but with a different version, then declare the following variables in the build.gradle file of the root project.

project.ext {
    rvv = '23.1.0' //RecyclerView  version
    slv = '23.1.0' // Support AppCompat v7 library version.
    clv = '23.1.0' //CardView Library Version
    csv = 23 // compile Sdk version
    tsv = 23 //Target Sdk version
    btv = '23.0.2' // Build tools version.

The library declares an activity AppDataListActivity with action android.intent.action.MAIN in the AndroidManifest.xml. So as soon as your application is installed, this activity will also be placed in the launcher of the phone. Search for App Data on the launcher.


Checkout the Live Demo of the application here

View Database and Shared Preferences

                       [](images/sharedPreferencesDemoImage.png)                        [](images/databaseImageDemo.png)

Query The Database

[](images/selectDemoImage.png)       [](images/rawQueryDemoImage.png)       [](images/insertDemoImage.png)

Tentative features for the next release

  • Copy an entire row to Clipboard.
  • Export an entire table in csv and json format.


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