NOsql Object (NO2 a.k.a Nitrite) database is an open source nosql embedded document store written in Java. It has MongoDB like API. It supports both in-memory and single file based persistent store powered by MVStore engine of h2 database.

Nitrite is a server-less embedded database ideal for desktop, mobile or small web applications.

It features: - Embedded key-value/document and object store - In-memory or single data file - Very fast and lightweight MongoDB like API - Indexing - Full text search capability - Full Android compatibility - Observable store - Both way replication via Nitrite DataGate server

Programming language: Java
Tags: Database     Libraries     Java     NoSQL    

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  • Learn about various ways of initializing Nitrite, an open-source NoSQL embedded document database for Java/Android with a MongoDB-like API.
    NitriteBuilder builder = Nitrite.builder();
    File-Based Database
    In-Memory Database
    Tutorial  Added by anidotnet // dzone.com // about 2 years ago
  • Tutorial  Added by anidotnet // dzone.com // about 2 years ago