Moshi v1.8.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-11-08 // about 3 years ago
  • 2018-11-09

    • New: Support JSON objects that include type information in the JSON. The new PolymorphicJsonAdapterFactory writes a type field when encoding, and reads it when decoding.
    • New: Fall back to the reflection-based KotlinJsonAdapterFactory if it is enabled and a generated adapter is not found. This makes it possible to use reflection-based JSON adapters in development (so you don't have to wait for code to be regenerated on every build) and generated JSON adapters in production (so you don't need the kotlin-reflect library).
    • New: The peekJson() method on JsonReader let you read ahead on a JSON stream without consuming it. This builds on Okio's new Buffer.peek() API.
    • New: The beginFlatten() and endFlatten() methods on JsonWriter suppress unwanted nesting when composing adapters. Previously it was necessary to flatten objects in memory before writing.
    • New: Upgrade to Okio 1.16.0. We don't yet require Kotlin-friendly Okio 2.1 but Moshi works fine with that release.
    • Fix: Don't return partially-constructed adapters when using a Moshi instance concurrently.
    • Fix: Eliminate warnings and errors in generated .kt triggered by type variance, primitive types, and required values.
    • Fix: Improve the supplied rules ( to better retain symbols used by Moshi. We recommend R8 when shrinking code.
    • Fix: Remove code generation companion objects. This API was neither complete nor necessary.