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  • SlimAdapter

    6.5 0.0 Java
    A slim & clean & typeable Adapter without# VIEWHOLDER
  • Theatre

    5.7 1.8 Kotlin
    Pet project using Clean Architecture + MVVM + Reactive Extensions + Android Architecture Components. The data are fetched from LondonTheatreDirect API. 🎭
  • AlphabetIndex Fast Scroll RecyclerView

    5.6 3.1 L5 Kotlin
    A Powerful AlphabetIndex FastScroller Library for Android's RecyclerView!
  • LastPagerAdapter

    3.3 0.0 Kotlin
    Don't write a ViewPager Adapter! Hook up your ViewPager to your data model using Android Data Binding Framework. With Kotlin support!
  • ConstraintLayout-Sample

    2.9 0.0 Java
    A demo app to showcase constraint layout implementation in Android
  • LiveStream-Kt (Android) 📱

    2.4 0.0 Kotlin
    DISCONTINUED. LiveStream is a simple class which makes communication easy among different modules of your application.
  • Villains & Heroes

    2.1 0.0 L5 Java
    Android app built with MVP architectural approach and uses Marvel Comics API that allows developers everywhere to access information about Marvel's vast library of comics. :zap:
  • Android Base

    1.5 0.0 Java
    android base project with registration
  • ObservableFlow

    1.3 0.0 Kotlin
    Functional Constructs for Databinding + Kotlin + RxJava
  • Trailers

    1.3 0.0 Java
    An open source app that is refactored to demo MVVM architecture
  • Some basics about view binding and explore how to add data binding to your project

    1.2 0.0 Kotlin
    Sample of Data Binding with MVVM + Clean Architecture.
  • DataBindingExample

    1.0 0.0 Java
    A demo of how to implement Data Binding in Android app
  • 🔽 Android LiveData Databinding Validation

    0.7 0.0 Kotlin
    DataBinding ViewModel form validation library for Android ♻
  • Data Binding Library

    Official Android Data Binding Library to write declarative layouts and minimize the glue code necessary to bind application logic and layouts.