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  • Lottie for Android, iOS, and React Native

    9.9 7.1 L4 Java
    Render After Effects animations natively on Android and iOS
  • UltimateAndroidReference

    9.5 2.2 Java
    🚀 Ultimate Android Reference - Your Road to Become a Better Android Developer
  • Epoxy

    9.3 7.1 Java
    Epoxy is an Android library for building complex screens in a RecyclerView
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  • MvRx

    8.8 5.7 Kotlin
    MvRx: Android on Autopilot
  • ShimmerLayout

    8.1 1.2 Java
    Memory efficient shimmering effect for Android applications
  • Rich Path Animator

    8.0 1.7 Java
    animation, vector-drawable, vector, SVG
  • CalendarView

    7.9 7.5 Kotlin
    A highly customizable calendar library for Android, powered by RecyclerView.
  • mkloader

    7.2 0.0 Java
    Beautiful and smooth custom loading views
  • FancyToast-Android

    6.7 3.9 Java
    Make your native android Toasts Fancy. A library that takes the standard Android toast to the next level with a variety of styling options. Style your toast from code.
  • Smiley Rating

    6.6 5.0 L5 Java
    SmileyRating is a simple rating bar for android. It displays animated smileys as rating icon.
  • WhatTodo

    6.4 6.6 Dart
    A Simple Todo app design in flutter to keep track of your task on daily basis.You can add project,labels and due-date to your task also you can sort your task on the basis of project, label and dates
  • DrawableToolbox

    6.4 0.0 Kotlin
    🛠️ The missing DrawableToolbox for Android. Get rid of the boring and always repeated drawable.xml files.
  • Youtube UI/UX Animation

    6.2 0.0 Kotlin
    With MVVM Architecture pattern using Android Architecture Components This is a sample app demonstrating Youtube player animation using constraint layout
  • Navigation Toolbar for Android

    6.1 1.2 Kotlin
    Navigation toolbar is a slide-modeled UI navigation controller made by @Ramotion
  • TextFieldBoxes

    5.9 2.4 Java
    New Material Design text field that comes in a box, based on Google Material Design guidelines.
  • AnimatedBottomBar

    5.2 7.0 Kotlin
    A customizable and easy to use BottomBar navigation view with sleek animations.
  • AppIconNameChanger

    5.1 0.0 Java
    Change Android launcher App Icon and App Name programmatically !
  • Direct Select for Android

    5.0 1.2 Java
    DirectSelect is a selection widget with an ethereal, full-screen modal popup displaying the available choices when the widget is interact with.
  • Material Dialogs for Android 📱

    5.0 4.1 Java
    📱Android Library to implement animated, 😍beautiful, 🎨stylish Material Dialog in android apps easily.
  • FancyGifDialog-Android

    5.0 3.7 Java
    Make your native android Dialog Fancy and Gify. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options and Gif's. Style your dialog from code.
  • BubbleAnimationLayout

    4.9 0.0 L5 Java
    You don’t want your apps look and feel boring, do you? Add some bubbles!
  • 👏 MediumClap-Android

    4.8 1.0 Kotlin
    👏 The Medium's Clapping Effect developed in Android
  • ParticlesDrawable

    4.8 0.0 Java
    Customizable Android Particles Drawable and View
  • Android File Picker🛩️

    4.7 6.2 Kotlin
    FilePicker is a small and fast file selector framework that is constantly evolving with the goal of rapid integration, high customization and configurability~
  • sliding-panel

    4.7 0.0 Kotlin
    Android sliding panel that is part of the view hierarchy, not above it.
  • Zoom Recyler Layout

    4.6 5.0 Kotlin
    Zoom Recycler Layout Manager For Android Kotlin
  • Chip Navigation Bar

    4.6 5.9 Kotlin
    An android navigation bar widget
  • Flick Launcher

    4.3 0.0 L1 Java
    Pixel Launcher for everyone!
  • FancyAlertDialog-Android

    4.2 0.1 Java
    Make your native android Dialog Fancy. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options. Style your dialog from code.
  • State Views for Android

    4.2 0.0 Java
    Create & Show progress, data or error views, the easy way!