Stetho v1.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-09-11 // almost 7 years ago
  • 2015-09-11

    • View properties support! The "Styles" and "Computed" sub-tabs in "Elements" are now implemented, complete with the box model diagram and a summary of the most useful view properties.

    • Screencasting Click the small screen icon in the upper right to view a live preview of your phone's screen while using Stetho! Coming soon: mouse/keyboard support.

    • Console tab support Arbitrary Java/JavaScript support added to the Console with the optional stetho-js-rhino dependency. See [stetho-sample/build.gradle](stetho-sample/build.gradle) for details.

    • New simpler initialization and customization API Most callers can now just use Stetho.initializeWithDefaults(context).

    • New #218: Ability to pass pretty printers for binary data in the Network tab.

    • New #248: Implement transparent request decompression.

    • New #225: Ability to search View hierarchy (invoke with CTRL+F on the Elements tab).

    • New #238: Add EXPLAIN support in SQL console.

    • New #222: Add PRAGMA support in SQL console.

    • New #207: Add dumpapp files plugin.

    • New #181: Highlight view margins and padding when hovering over DOM entry.

    • New #211: Implement DialogFragment in Elements tab.

    • Fix #231: Sort database and shared preferences entries by name.

    • Fix #206: Fix small memory leak in View hierarchy support.

    • Fix #204: Use DOM tree diffing to fix ListView and a number of other edge case view hierarchies.

    • Fix #183: Fix Fragment support in Elements tab.