Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: Java
License: MIT License
Tags: Layout Widget    
Latest version: v2.0.2

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An Android TabLayout Lib has 3 kinds of TabLayout at present.

  • SlidingTabLayout: deeply modified from PagerSlidingTabStrip.

    • new added attribute
    • new added kinds of indicators
    • new added unread msg tip
    • new added method for convenience
        /** no need to set titles in adapter */
        public void setViewPager(ViewPager vp, String[] titles)
        /** no need to initialize even adapter */
        public void setViewPager(ViewPager vp, String[] titles, FragmentActivity fa, ArrayList<Fragment> fragments) 
  • CommonTabLayout:unlike SlidingTabLayout's dependence on ViewPager,it is a tabLayout without dependence on ViewPager and can be used freely with other widgets together.

    • support kinds of indicators and indicator animation
    • support unread msg tip
    • support icon and icon gravity.
    • new added method for convenience
        /** support switch fragments itself */
        public void setTabData(ArrayList<CustomTabEntity> tabEntitys, FragmentManager fm, int containerViewId, ArrayList<Fragment> fragments)
  • SegmentTabLayout


Change Log

3.0.0 (2021-09-30)

  • upgrade to AndroidX
  • publish on Maven Central


// AndroidX
dependencies {
    implementation 'io.github.h07000223:flycoTabLayout:3.0.0'

// Old
    compile 'com.android.support:support-v4:23.1.1'
    compile 'com.flyco.tablayout:FlycoTabLayout_Lib:2.1.2@aar'


name format description
tl_indicator_color color set indicator color
tl_indicator_height dimension set indicator height
tl_indicator_width dimension set indicator width
tl_indicator_margin_left dimension set indicator margin,invalid when indicator width is greater than 0.
tl_indicator_margin_top dimension set indicator margin,invalid when indicator width is greater than 0.
tl_indicator_margin_right dimension set indicator margin,invalid when indicator width is greater than 0.
tl_indicator_margin_bottom dimension set indicator margin,invalid when indicator width is greater than 0.
tl_indicator_corner_radius dimension set indicator corner radius
tl_indicator_gravity enum set indicator gravity TOP or BOTTOM.
tl_indicator_style enum set indicator style NORMAL or TRIANGLE or BLOCK
tl_underline_color color set underline color
tl_underline_height dimension set underline height
tl_underline_gravity enum set underline gravity TOP or BOTTOM
tl_divider_color color set divider color
tl_divider_width dimension set divider width
tl_divider_padding dimension set divider paddingTop and paddingBottom
tl_tab_padding dimension set tab paddingLeft and paddingRight
tl_tab_space_equal boolean set tab space equal
tl_tab_width dimension set tab width
tl_textsize dimension set text size
tl_textSelectColor color set text select color
tl_textUnselectColor color set text unselect color
tl_textBold boolean set text is bold
tl_iconWidth dimension set icon width(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_iconHeight dimension set icon height(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_iconVisible boolean set icon is visible(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_iconGravity enum set icon gravity LEFT or TOP or RIGHT or BOTTOM(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_iconMargin dimension set icon margin with text(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_indicator_anim_enable boolean set indicator support animation(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_indicator_anim_duration integer set indicator animation duration(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_indicator_bounce_enable boolean set indicator aniamtion with bounce effect(only for CommonTabLayout)
tl_indicator_width_equal_title boolean set indicator width same as text(only for SlidingTabLayout)