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Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
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Latest version: v2.0.1

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Retirement Notice

This project is retired and no longer maintained. Unfortunately I do not have enough time to supoprt it in a quality way and also there are number of much better camera / qr scanner libs for Android around.


Android library with simple yet powerful components for using device camera in your apps.

The library contains a set of components (views), ready to be put to your layout files in order to give developer instant access to the following features:

  • Instantly display the live preview video feed from the device camera
  • Scan barcodes (using built-in ZXing decoding engine)
  • Perform your own camera live data processing

Library automatically uses old or new (V2) Android Camera API, depending on your OS version

The main goal of this project is to have a simple and clean components, ready to be put to an existing view hierarchy of any existing activity, fragment or just to a layout file like any other Android component such as TextView, ImageView, etc.

CAMView takes and hides all the dirty work and hacks for handling the low level routines, such as camera initialization, configuration, streaming, orientation changes, device and cameras compatibility, threading, etc, etc, etc.

Simply put the appropriate view component to your layout and your app is camera-ready.


  • Current version: Download

Get It

  • Maven repository: jCenter
  • Group: eu.livotov.labs.android
  • Artifact ID: CAMView
compile ('eu.livotov.labs.android:CAMView:2.0.1@aar') {transitive=true}


Usage is very straightforward:

  1. Add the right component to your layout.xml (either in xml or programmatically at runtiume):
  • eu.livotov.labs.android.camview.CameraLiveView - if you want to display the live stream from the camera (and optionally want to process the captured feed).
  • eu.livotov.labs.android.camview.ScannerLiveView - if your goal is to scan barcodes. ScannerLiveView is ready to use barcode scanner.
  1. Get the CameraLiveView or ScannerLiveView instance and start the desired camera:
  • startCamera() for the CameraLiveView or startScanner() for the ScannerLiveView
  • If you want to work with the specific camera, get the available cameras list getAvailableCameras() and pass the selected one into the startCamera(...) or startScanner(...) method.
  1. For barcodes recognition, set your barcode listener into the ScannerLiveView instance: setScannerViewEventListener(...)

  2. When your activity stops, do not forget to release the camera and stop all previews and working threads by calling : stopCamera() or stopScanner() on appropriate LiveCameraView or LiveScannerView instance.


More documentation will be added on release.


Contribution wanted ! Please feel free to share your bugs, feature requests and pull requests of course. The "Issues" section is waiting for you :)