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  • According to prediction, the location-based services market will reach up to $80 billion between 2017 and 2023. This means that the demand for location-based apps will grow too. That is why more and more companies want to create location-based apps.

    Here you can get full information about how to build a GPS app.
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  • Most people would agree they are a necessary and core part of modern software development, but they can come at a cost. Ignoring this cost may bite you hard in the future. Let’s discuss these costs and why is it important to carefully manage your feature flags in order to reap the benefits.
    Article  Added by jraska // // 2 days ago
  • Lately, the most common question people ask me is not “How are you doing?” but instead, “When Effective Kotlin will be available in print?”. I honestly do everything I can to make it as soon as possible, but when you are bound to provide high quality, you are not a big publisher, and you need to distribute worldwide, it is not easy. Although I am happy to say that since today, it is available to some degree.
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // 8 days ago
  • Check the essentials of Angular vs React here as it will help you to choose the right front-end technology for your next web app development project.
    Article  Added by RyanWilliamson // // 9 days ago
  • The article will explain why Android has become the primary driving force behind IoT and how Android plays a critical role in managing IoT based devices.
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  • If you are a newbie Android developer and a little bit confused between Kotlin vs. Java, then continue reading this blog. Herein we have compared both the programming languages based on their features and functionalities, so you can have a look at the comparison and decide which language has advanced features for Android development.
    Article  Added by Sammy // // 11 days ago
  • Creating your own plugin will help you to improve your productivity, It is like “Coding to do less coding.” So here we start with writing a plugin to add dependencies.
    Article  Added by ConnectSteven // // 12 days ago
  • With every new major release, Google tends to bring new features and functionalities to Android. With evolving technologies and increasing security concerns, if you are tech enthusiasts like us then you must be having questions on your mind. What does the latest Android 10 have in store for us? What are the major Android 10 features? Does the new Android 10 improve my privacy and security issues?
    Article  Added by spaceo // // 16 days ago
  • In this article, I taught to implement animated, 😍beautiful, rich and stylish🎨 Material Dialog in the app using MaterialDialog android library.
    Article  Added by PatilShreyas // // 19 days ago
  • In this article, you will learn to implement Google Apps like Navigation View - Drawer in Android apps easily! 😃
    Article  Added by PatilShreyas // // 19 days ago
  • Setting up Android projects on Bitrise CI
    Article  Added by koral-- // // 19 days ago
  • Keyword optimization is a proven way to get your app in front of more users. When you optimize your keywords, you help Apple and Google know which searches are relevant to the app. If you do it right, you'll ensure that users who need what your app has to offer find it in the store.
    Article  Added by ashleyflores // // 21 days ago
  • Recently my team and I worked on implementing WebSockets (known as subscriptions in GraphQL), to allow users to talk to each other in real-time. During this time, we saw that the documentation to this using the Apollo client for Android was pretty bad! So in this post, I will be talking about our findings and how this can be done, with the hopes that it might be helpful for others as well who might be having the same problem.
    Article  Added by JosiasSena // // 22 days ago
  • With the launch of Android 10 and iOS 13, you might want to which OS is more powerful and has advanced features for users. Right? Herein we have written a dedicated blog on Android vs. iOS 13 and compared the features of both operating systems.
    Article  Added by spaceo // // 24 days ago
  • Know how to integrate wechat into your app. Read the tips and tricks on how to solve the problems, which may set in.
    Tutorial  Added by Max // // 24 days ago
  • It’s finally here! The Appfigures mobile app is now live on Google Play. You can now access all of your app’s most important analytics right on your device, your Android device.
    Service  Added by ashleyflores // // 24 days ago
  • “Kotlin does for Java and the JVM what Spring did to J2EE”
    — Spring creator at SpringRod
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // about 1 month ago
  • Should you use Flutter, React Native, or Xamarin? That depends on your project. Find out which framework is best for you in this comparison post.
    Article  Added by hadyelhady // // about 1 month ago
  • What does it mean to be a remote Android developer, what skills does it take? Check out most event remote Android developer CVs!
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  • App Store Optimization is one of the fastest and easiest ways to acquire new users for your app by increasing its visibility in the App Store and on Google Play. A major component of ASO is keyword optimization, which when done correctly will help push your app to the top of the search results in those keywords. But to reap the rewards, you'll need to identify the right keywords first.
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  • Extension functions — functions that are used like member functions, but yet defined outside of the class — are a great feature and loved by many. Although they started being overused what leads to problems we don’t know how to solve yet.
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // about 2 months ago
  • some ideas about structuring development around ViewModel. How can we set it up as States and Events? With the help of Kotlin coroutines, Mockk or even
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // about 2 months ago
  • A simple guide to download files in a RecyclerView with Ktor and Koin
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // about 2 months ago
  • Advanced shortcuts on Android Studio you may not know about
    Article  Added by disparate // // about 2 months ago
  • An article on billion-dollar mistakes, the ones that are assumed and the ones that stay un-spoken and on the importance of not misleading new developers with bad documentation.
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // about 2 months ago
  • In this tutorial let us do some basic animations on Android Studio using Kotlin Programming.
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // 2 months ago
  • Jetpack compose is still in labs(Pre-alpha), Let’s find out if we can compose anything with Jetpack compose or not.
    Article  Added by ConnectSteven // // 2 months ago
  • Tutorial  Added by wajahatkarim3 // // 2 months ago
  • Many Android developers want to see their apps and games featured on Google Play. The exposure isn’t just good for bragging rights but also for your bottom line.
    Article  Added by ashleyflores // // 2 months ago
  • Let us understand the basics of Kotlin programming language.
    Article  Added by joannawyka // // 3 months ago