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  • Website:
    Phone: (+1) 270-595-051
    Address:1459 Rowes Lane Louisville, United States
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  • I would like to share how we have used Danger to ensure few common rules for a Pull request.
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  • Jetpack Compose offers a Material theme implementation to have consistent look and feel throughout the whole app.
    Material allows us to have a uniform UI that follows Android UI best practices and guidelines, but at the same time, it’s super rigid and limited when the app needs a more complex UI customization level.
    In this post, we’ll learn how to adapt, customize and extend Compose Material Theme in order to fulfill your app UI requirements and get rid of material limitations.
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  • Eric Seidel, co-creator of Flutter and Director of Engineering at Google, talks about the Flutter developer experience and the Dart language that powers it.
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  • If you want to learn how it works, what are its perils and dangers, read the article written by Marcin Moskała ➡️ "Use the data modifier to represent a bundle of data".
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  • Ably Asset Tracking is simply the best and fastest way to build delivery apps and logistics services that rely on realtime location data to track any asset. Check out the Android SDK.
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  • This project involved building a programmatic means of switching the displays from a light to a dark theme using our company design language system. Overall, the project helped improve the user experience by reducing the eye strain and battery usage by a significant amount for the users during the night.
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  • Years of OOP made us overuse inheritance. Instead, we should more often use composition, that is safer and more explicit. More often, but not always...
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  • In this article, I have shared my experience of building puppy adoption app using Jetpack compose.
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  • In this article we go through a new feature provided by ActivityManager in API 30. Which helps us to get an information related to application crashes.
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  • An overview of how incremental build, Gradle, and Android Studio caches are used in the Android build process, and what happens when they go wrong.
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  • Many accessibility features are integrated into Android, and others can be installed and used via apps. We will explore how to change them via UI or ADB commands. This article contains information about an ADB commands for changing accessibility setting that allows us to interact with devices and test applications more efficiently:
    - Display size
    - Font size
    - Magnification
    - Color correction
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  • Do you have any idea how many Android Apps there are in the world? According to Statista, In the fourth quarter of the year 2019, there is approx. 2.6 million Android apps available around the globe. Whether you need to become an android developer or want to hire a professional mobile developer, this is the best time for you to get started. Also, jumping into mobile app development isn’t a challenge you can choose the right programming language to move ahead.
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  • If you too are looking to have an error-free and user-friendly application, Android is the best-suggested platform to go with. Yes, you read right. Android is the solution for all who want to go with an open-source application. Businesses are now seeking looking to lead the competition with high realistic Android App Development Company.
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  • There are a number of frameworks, libraries, and SDKs available for Android app development. Here are some of the best to help you produce more in less time.
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  • Dokka is a tool to generate documentation based on the Javadoc or KDoc comments. It outputs the document generated in HTML, GitHub Flavored Markdown, or Javadoc format.

    For example, it could be used to generate documentation for any Android app or library.
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  • ✓Check Stfalcon’s tutorial as to google pay integration in android app. ✓Find out ➢the challenges and ➢the ways to cope with the issues that set in
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  • Article about Navigation in a multi-module project.
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  • On Android Tv, there is no way to download certificate and also there is no UI to manually install a certificate from storage.
    We use one of Charles proxy root certificate and make it part of our app. We share that certificate across users who then install that certificate in the Charles proxy app as root certificate.
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  • Want to learn how to use AI for live stream analysis? Read this article to find out how beneficial this technology can be for your company’s productivity!
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  • The App Startup library provides a straightforward, performant way to initialize components at application startup.
    It can be used by library developers as well as app developers to streamline startup sequences and explicitly set the order of initialization.
    Instead of defining separate content providers for each component that you want to initialize, App Startup allows you to define component initializers that share a single content provider. This can significantly improve app startup time.
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  • With the rise of technology, streaming music is now a popular option. People prefer to search for what they want to listen to and stream instead of downloading the files.

    Apps like Spotify and Soundcloud have changed the way that we keep our music. But, with all that improvement some people prefer to download their music and if you are one of them, then this article is for you.
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  • Building a video chat application is a great idea you should consider investing in. Chat apps are a fast and easy way to communicate with others, and entering this niche can be beneficial to you. But before you start searching for the development team for your chat application idea, please check the article on how to build a video chat app. This article will learn more about the niche and decide if this business is right for you.
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  • Google officially launched its Android 12 Developer Preview 1. The new version has come up with some great features, and we have discussed those in this article.
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  • As Android devs, we want to stop support barely used Android versions and prepare for the new ones 👷 This is where minSdkVersion, compileSdkVersion, and targetSdkVersion comes in 📺
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  • In this article, I have explained with sample code how we can use SMS Verification API to handle the OneTimePassword verification in Android applications.

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  • In this article, we'll see if it’s enough for us to use only standard JUnit5 assertions in Android, or we still need some library for this.
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  • 15 Python Project Ideas For Beginners- After completing the Python programming course every beginner should move to the python projects that will help you in developing your coding skills. I know what you're thinking, we are beginners and how will we be able to complete these python projects? Don't worry today we have analyzed the best 15 python project ideas for beginners.
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  • Remove Last Character From String in python. we will do this by 2 methods that will definitely help you in removing the last character from string without deleting or eliminating the whole string. Here are the 2 methods we are going to learn today in this python tutorial.

    Using List Comprehension and List Slicing

    Using Map Function "map()" + Lambda
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